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    • Women’s March: Waking the Sleeping Giant
      Tweet Tweet Where did it go – my fight – my vision – my radical enthusiasm to push the envelope and take what my heart desired?  When did I lay down?  How did I become a bystander in world come undone? These are dark times for so many marginalized groups.  But if we look to truth – the days are lit loud and fierce by the actions, intentions and grace of some very powerful and focused women.  (The men are there as well [...]
    • The Importance of this Election
      Tweet TweetI won’t be silent. I won’t sit still. I won’t cross my legs and tuck my hem and sit up straight. I won’t go quietly into the good night. I will be heard. I will be seen. I will be respected. I will speak for the muted and walk for the wounded. I will pave the road for my daughter and my son – the road of decency, integrity, individuality, and kindness. I will not throw stones. I will not shut [...]
    • Lesbian Couple Releases Greeting Card Line for Queers of Color
      Tweet TweetOnce upon a time there was this amazingly talented couple. Sam and Jenny made things – did art – created messages and provoked thought and conversation. One day they decided to deliver creative cards and prints to fill a gap in the greeting card industry. The cards would showcase interracial and queer characters from a wide array of backgrounds. This was a very good idea indeed.   Imagine a world where diversity was represented to the masses through cards celebrating anniversaries, birthdays [...]
    • A conversation with StaceyAnn Chin
      Tweet TweetWhen I talk about StaceyAnn Chin – I stumble on where to begin. I see her as a woman of such complexity and grace. She seems to be someone whose ideas and ideals are interwoven in a tapestry of activism and the written voice. I had the amazing pleasure of talking with StaceyAnn last week to discuss MOTHERSTRUCK, her personal history, her relationship with family and her daughter Zuri. In case you were not aware, MOTHERSTRUCK is now in Chicago playing [...]
    • Mimi Gonzalez Does GO GIRL in Saugatuck
      Tweet TweetI have been to the desert and rocked the Dinah. I have been to the tropics and survived Aqua Girl. I have traveled east, west, north and south to experience girls and more girls doing the girl party weekend thing. I have the frequent flyer miles to prove it. I started to wonder ­ why did the chicks from the midwest have to suffer the TSA lines just to experience a Lesbian Weekend Party? When would someone bring the party to [...]
    • Politics of Gender
      Tweet TweetEver since I was a little person they made fun of me. I didn’t play with dolls. I threw like a boy. I wore construction boots. I never liked the frilly dresses. My Schwinn five speed was not a girl’s bike. I hated pony tails, ribbons and lace – I liked baseball caps, leather and jeans. I liked Mike the barber and his big barber chair and hated the smells and attitudes at the salon. They wanted me to fit [...]
    • Prince Piece
      Tweet TweetHe blew my mind. Over and over and over again he just blew my mind. I waited out all night to get third row center tickets – two nights in a row for the Purple Rain Tour. He looked right at me – I am certain he did – exchanging energy and getting lost in the overwhelming power of his music – his moves – his presence. He took me outside of myself – took my breath away and opened [...]
    • Amy Kelly and St. Baldrick’s
      Tweet TweetAs I begin to write this piece I notice some blue sky out the window. February in Chicago is not always this kind but I will take the sun shining through the bitterly cold air – for it reminds me that there is always something good to be found if we allow ourselves to see it. I found my friend Amy Kelly by accident and that accident has turned into a gift. I love her spirit, her tenacity, her outlook [...]
    • The Choice Is Always Ours
      Tweet TweetIn many ways the world is not that much different today than it was yesterday. There has always been hatred and discrimination, corruption and greed. There have always been struggles for power and dominance on this earth. The places the evil penetrates may change from day to day. The lives it alters are new and forever dismantled. The news travels at a greater speed and media outlets inundate us with opinion after uneducated opinion. And all of those tweets and [...]
    • Middle Ground
      Tweet Tweet There is a silence in the room; an eerie, lingering void in the air surrounding me and it is holding me still. There is an unknowing, an uncertainty, an unwillingness and a question that I cannot seem to answer. I think they call this the middle ground. I find myself here and although familiar – it remains unrecognizable, strange and a place from which I am certain I must escape. Middle ground – old friend – release your hold on me before I [...]
    • Because Love
      Tweet TweetI have a hard time understanding why I am such a complicated mess. Why the quiet times are my favorite times and the world overwhelms me again and again and again. How can I feel so much so deeply and ponder things so intently when they really don’t have anything to do with my day to day personal existence? My Gypsy Girl is heading to the mountains again. She says they are calling to her. My Brilliant Boy is taking a [...]
    • How Facebook Is Destroying Civilization
      Tweet TweetOnce upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was no such thing as Facebook. Times were simpler and stories more true. Keeping up with the Jones’ was a simple contest regarding who had the best lawn or the newest car on the block. Laundry was hung privately in our own backyards and experiences were real and meaningful. We didn’t have the technology or the need to share every detail of our lives with a faceless population [...]
    • Another Lesbian Myth
      Tweet TweetSometimes, no matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we work, no matter how righteous our intentions – we will surely disappoint others. There will always be the blamers and the seekers and the players – and sometimes – when our hearts are open and our compassion overflowing – sometimes – someone will take the good you do and turn it inside out – simply to feed their ego- which cannot be tamed. My parents taught me to be [...]
    • Two Brides and Muscle Maker Grill
      Tweet TweetIt’s that time of year again my friends – the time when we really get a good look at our winter hibernation habits and try to figure out ways to make some changes!! In these days of quick fixes and healthy alternatives – there is one sure way to help you make better choices when eating out. New brides Erica St. John and Lynsey Heathcote are bringing Muscle Maker Grill to Glen Ellyn – and they want you to come [...]
    • When Lady Love Knocks
      Tweet TweetI was killing some time stalking myself on the Facebook and it suddenly occurred to me that my life has really been a roller coaster wild ride the past 5 – 6 years. It almost feels as if I have lived an entire lifetime in this half decade – no wonder I am always ready for a vacation or a long weekend get-a-way!! When nearly 25 years of marriage comes to a mutual dissolution – for various unknown and obvious reasons – [...]
    • St. Baldrick’s with Team Sean Kelly at R Public House
      Tweet TweetTeam Sean Kelly and the Wave of Possibilities…. It is hard to believe that winter may actually be just a sweet memory and spring lays waiting for us to open the door and let her in. Since as far back as I can remember – the month of March always brought with it times of celebration and cheer among my friends. St. Paddy’s day – all that green goodness – getting the motorcycle out on the road again – and more recently – St. [...]
    • Against All Odds – Living a Purposeful Life
      Tweet Tweet“No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. It ministers to our education, to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude and humility. All that we suffer and all that we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, and expands our souls…” Orson F Whitney I think that even in what we might perceive as the most peaceful times in our lives we can be blindsided [...]
    • What You See Is What You Get…Sometimes
      Tweet TweetWe think we know someone.  We hear their words and watch them interact with others and we think we know them.  Or really – the truth is – and more importantly to me – you think they know you.  You are true – constant, honest, open and kind.  You don’t keep secrets or play games or lie.  Gossip is an ugly word and drama belongs to Friday nights on ABC.  You would hope that by now they would know you. “The [...]
    • The Farther I Go – the Closer We Get
      Tweet TweetI can’t remember why I thought I needed some time to myself. It was not that I wanted time without her – that’s different – just time to myself. It would be good to get away – get lost inside my own head for the 6 hours it took to drive from here to there. To decompress. I could contemplate in uninterrupted certainty all the things that randomly crowd my mind – a road trip meditation of sorts. It would [...]
    • Dana Goldberg Does Chicago
      Tweet TweetSometimes without even knowing a person you can be pretty sure you know a person Dana Goldberg gives that kind of first impression. If you have not experienced her unique style and performance energy – you have to be sure to catch her while she is in Chicago. My good friend Fawz set me up with this interview and in turn I am setting you up with all the tools you need to get out to Berlin on September 24th [...]
    • Sean Wiggins and the band lOne gOat
      Tweet TweetOnce upon a time I heard Sean Wiggins rock the roof off of Parlour on Clark. I had never seen her or heard her play a live show before – and to say I was not disappointed was an understatement. With a full throttled voice and right at home stage presence – Sean makes the live music experience one to write home about. Sean’s newest release, “Clothing Optional Fridays” brings her and lOne gOat back on the road and back to [...]
    • The Beat Goes On with L.A. Chandler
      Tweet TweetI met her couple of years ago outside of the infamous Parlour on Clark after an exceptionally amazing performance with Sean Wiggins. Chandler was funny, cool, easy going and I knew from the time she had ust spent behind those drums on stage – a very gifted musician. I ran into her again at Back Lot Bash this June and I was blown away by the sounds she was creating with The Hybrids. Now she has an upcoming show on September 20th at Joie De [...]
    • Back Lot Bash celebrates 11 years
      Tweet Tweet When I first began to walk down the streets of Lesbianville – I was searching the internet for anything I could find that had anything to do with groups of like minded women gathering in one place. I wanted to get out of the burbs and make myself some amazing memories in the city. And one day – I found what I was looking for. BACK LOT BASH is about to kick off its 11th woman’s festival that has evolved into a 4 day [...]
    • Traditional Kind of Love
      Tweet TweetGuz Viewz – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. Just three days ago – in a once upon a time and oh so long ago place – I would have celebrated my 28th wedding anniversary with a man I had married when I was barely in my 20’s. We were not made for each other and not destined to live the dream together forever and ever – traditional as that time in my life may [...]
    • My Harley – Cure for These Chicago Winter Blues
      Tweet TweetThis has been the winter to end all winters. Living in Chicago is such a blessing when the sun shines and the temperatures dance around the 75 degree mark. It is magical when the Cubbies play and Andersonville sidewalks flood with tank topped women and the street festivals pull one weekend into the next. I love my city – most of the time. Sludge and snow – ice and wind – frozen fingers and muted recollections of what fresh air actually [...]
    • Riding the Wave for St. Baldrick’s on March 1st
      Tweet TweetI look forward to March each and every year. Let’s just say the name was once O’Donnell – the soda bread bakes brown and soaks up the Kerrygold – green beer kind of sort of runs through my veins, spring crawls a little closer to my Harley loving soul and my friend Amy Kelly gets the party started with her annual St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser. This year – on March 1, 2014 to be exact – Amy and friends are taking [...]
    • Mirror mirror on the wall – who’s the fairest of them all?
      Tweet TweetGuz Viewz – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. Oh vanity – fucking corrupted interpretation of all that can only be seen with tainted human eyes – how have we allowed ourselves to believe in such delusional reflections? Not only believe – but feel and decide and live and choke – on the deepest sigh we could possibly sigh – because we do not see what the world is telling us we are supposed to [...]
    • CMSA Annual Membership Social Party – Come Out & Play 2014
      Tweet TweetCMSA Annual Members Social Party January 25, 2014 Joe’s Bar – 940 W Weed, Chicago Every year, near the end of January, CMSA throws a party to end all parties. This year will be an even bigger and more diverse event – bringing ALL CMSA members together under one amazing roof at Joe’s on Weed. Mark your calendars my friends – this is a night you will want to be a part of. Sam Hamilton, Todd Paulson, Patricia Robles, Edie Nieves, [...]
    • 10 Best Things About 2013
      Tweet TweetThe perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. Another year is about to slip out the front door. No long kiss good night – no sweet good byes – just letting go of the old and ringing in the new – just like that. Looking back – just for a moment – to consider my most favorite things about the 365 days that just flew by and why they give me hope for the 365 ahead. 1. Edie Windsor. [...]
    • Meet Tami Haukedahl, former Illinois State Trooper and owner of Hauk Fitness
      Tweet TweetI know this is the time of year when we generally put our workouts on the back burner as we push our way through the long lines to assure we get our Elf on a Shelf. I know we are supposed to be all merry and bright and indulge in the festive goodies that seem to find us wherever we stand. But in the midst of all this shopping and noshing and fooling around in the name of the holiday [...]
    • The Philippines and My World Collide
      Tweet TweetI look at these faces. Faces of people I have never known in a land that I have never seen and my heart screams with empathy. These are the survivors – the ones who made it – and in my heart so overwhelmed with the news and the reality of Mother Nature gone wild – I wonder how impossible surviving must be. I see the faces of children scarred and ravaged by the sounds and memories of something more horrific than [...]
    • Another Season
      Tweet TweetGuz Views – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. The summer days are but a sweet memory now – the Harleys are trickle charging and the leaves are letting go of their branches as they dance effortlessly to the cold ground below. Thick boy sweaters, Netflix on autopilot, Buffalo Trace on the rocks and some good old comfort foods beckon me to embrace the change of seasons and remind me – unforgivingly – that the [...]
    • Double Edged Sword
      Tweet TweetGuz Views – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. It doesn’t really matter where you’re standing. Matters even less where you’ve been. The only thing that makes a difference in this world is where you might be going and how you plan on getting there. Doesn’t matter who you know or what you own. Doesn’t matter how many of so many things you collect and display, grow tired of and box away. The structure of [...]
    • Danny’s Bootcamp
      Tweet TweetThere is a new option for keeping your summer fitness routine going strong.  Find your way to Danny’s Bootcamp at 5920 N Ridge (corner of Ridge and Clark) for a welcoming environment and a kickass workout!  The L Stop caught up with personal trainer and motivational guru Danny Sciortino to learn more about his program. TLS: Where are you originally from and tell me a little about your childhood. DS: I am from Addison, Illinois and moved to Chicago about 12 years [...]
    • It’s on Facebook …. Guess It Must Be Love
      Tweet TweetGuz Views – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. There was a time – for a very long time – when I swore I would never announce to the Facebook world that I was in a relationship.  Felt too much like junior high for a rock star grown up biker chick like me.  There was no need to shout my relationship status across the borders of social media – my business would always be my [...]
    • The Untraveled Road
      Tweet TweetGuz Views – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. Just when you think the sailing is smooth – the gravy has no lumps and the light at the end of the tunnel will shine you into a better day – the curve ball you never ceased to hit right out of the park has you swinging at nothing but air.  Life tricks us – takes us – breaks and makes us.  There is nothing that [...]
    • City Winery Chicago Presents Cathy Richardson with Special Guest Sami Grisafe
      Tweet TweetThis city of ours has a lot to offer, but the upcoming duo of Cathy Richardson and Sami Grisafe performing back-to-back may take the proverbial cake. Closing out the season of summer sun and ushering in the cooling autumn, these top female rockers will give you goosebumps right down to your bones. Eerie and powerful, I swear each one of these women has a voice that will steal just a little bit of your soul. From fame and established, to [...]
    • Never Say Never Again
      Tweet TweetHopefully there comes a time in everyone’s life when we decide we simply are not going to settle for less than all we truly deserve.  We will be loved as we love and be seen as we see.  We will look in the mirror and with directed certainty tell ourselves that we are better than this – that we won’t allow it anymore – that somehow – someway – we will find a way to have the peaceful and rewarding [...]
    • An Interview with Sam Hamilton about CMSA Women’s Soccer
      Tweet TweetIf there is one thing I know for sure about Sam Hamilton – it is that she LOVES CMSA.  Her passion and dedication show year after year in her commitment to spreading the word about the organization and her support for women in sports.  If you have ever attended the CMSA Woman’s Social Party – you know exactly what I am referring to.  I caught up with Sami to talk about her latest project with CMSA. The L Stop: Tell me [...]
    • My Harley +Your Bike = Ride for AIDS and TPAN love
      Tweet Tweet“At its core, Ride for AIDS Chicago raises as incredible amount of money. Those funds help insure that vital HIV support services remain available to the city’s most vulnerable population. However, what makes the Ride for AIDS Chicago so magical is that the ride inspires, galvanizes, and coalesces people of all ages, and all walks of life and creates this incredibly rich community of like-minded people who are committed to something outside of themselves. It is a joy to watch, [...]
    • Hit Me With Your Best Shot
      Tweet TweetGuz Viewz – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. Sometimes we believe in the fairytale.   We don’t really want Santa to know if we’ve been naughty or nice – but we do want to believe in all the magic he holds.  Tink is really real and those Lost Boys will never grow old in Neverland.  Sometimes we need to believe that the rainbows lead to pots of gold and there are no calories when the [...]
    • Still Me After All
      Tweet TweetGuz Viewz – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. Sitting across the table at our Sunday morning brunch on a beautiful Chicago morning an old friend looked me in the eye, chewed down her vanilla bean dipped fancy pants French toast, and told me she could tell I was about to somehow become a different person.  I’m not really sure where she was coming from when she told me to be careful….told me to be careful [...]
    • Susan Fredman – A Chicago Treasure
      Tweet TweetCreating designs of distinction for more than 35 years, Susan Fredman is one of Chicago’s most prominent residential interior designers.  The recipient of numerous awards and honors, Fredman is widely recognized as a leader in the Chicago design community and beyond.  This month she is being honored with the Fearless Leader Award by The Ms Foundation for Women.  The L Stop had the great pleasure of meeting with Susan recently and talking about her very busy life….. The L Stop: Tell [...]
    • Expect the Unexpected
      Tweet Tweet Guz Viewz – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. It was sort of like that first cold wind of autumn that strikes your summer sunned face and reminds you there is another sort of air to breathe. It was sort of like that. Transitional and unexpected. She came out of nowhere really. I can’t say where or when or even how she managed to find her way into my space – but she did.  Without a thought [...]
    • Organized Chaos – A Chicago Woman’s Motorcycle Club and so much more
      Tweet TweetThere is a new kid in town.  She is big, beautiful and as bad ass as they come.  She rides on two wheels and is about to change the way Motorcycle Clubs in the state of Illinois look.  Organized Chaos Chicago, founded by Tamale Sepp and Tammy Sciortino, has hit the ground running.   I was lucky enough to catch up with these two incredibly busy women to chat about OC. TLS: Tell me a little about Organized Chaos.   Tammy: We are [...]
    • Kaisa Dille – Design with Integrity
      Tweet TweetI know when I first met Kaisa Dille her kind smile, quiet intelligence and generous nature made me like her immediately.  Some of her amazing work caught my attention the other day – and I felt the need to reach out and talk to her about her life and her work at K. Dille Designs.  Using salvaged old-growth and rough-sawn wood from places such as the ReBuilding Exchange and road trips through the countryside “knocking on farmers’ doors,” Dille makes [...]
    • The Happiest Song Plays Last / The Fawz and The Goodman
      Tweet TweetI don’t know about you – but I LOVE this woman. There is an air of certainty, peace and confidence that exudes from her. She shares a smile that is quick and generous. Behind those wide eyes is a uniquely creative mind that challenges and engages those who spend time on her side of the room. Fawz Mirza is all that. She is a gift to the Arts in this city – and I had the opportunity to throw a [...]
    • She Reminded Me To Dance
      Tweet TweetGuz Viewz – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. Every step we take brings us closer to the end of all things that we know. Every glimpse we grab generates new foundations and possible expectations for what is yet to be. We live for today and hope for tomorrow and all the way pray we enjoy this exceptional ride called life. The journey is wild really. We are born into this place pure and perfect and untouched [...]
    • Jeanne Bessette – An Artist You Need to Know
      Tweet TweetFaceBook is my friend for many reasons. Keeping in touch with long lost friends, communicating events and promoting my blog are just a few of the wonderful perks of this social media thing. To my great joy it has also helped me find some amazing talents out there in the real world. One of the artists I stumbled across is Jeanne Bessette. But I didn’t just stumble, pick myself up and keep on going. This woman’s work spoke to me [...]
    • DOMA and Edie and Me
      Tweet TweetThe headlines and once upon a time bi lines are all telling the same story these days. DOMA on the agenda and Edie Windsor elegantly representing the righteousness of a cause while FaceBook turns red with the marketing genius of HRC billowing the sails. And it got me to wondering about something…. What is it really that keeps so many from recognizing the simple truth? This should not even be a fight or a consideration or a front news story. Our [...]
    • Woman’s History Month – The Power of Mentoring
      Tweet TweetAnne came to American on a boat in late 1931. A hazel eyed 16 year old Irish girl leaving a life and family behind to make a better place for herself in a new world she knew very little about. Her strong hands, worn and calloused through time and efforts in the fields of Roscommon, were held together, firm in prayer under her tattered coat as Ellis Island came into focus on the horizon. Guided by faith and resolution of [...]
    • St. Baldrick’s, Amy Kelly and a Lot of Hope
      Tweet TweetOnce upon a time there was a boy named Sean – and he had a sister named Amy. The Kelly kids grew up in a big old Irish household in Chicago where they got into some trouble and had a ton of fun. They had an amazing family that centered around the faith and love of their parents – Ed and Laurette. It has become obvious to me that the whole Kelly Clan must have learned very early that kindness [...]
    • A Fulfilling Life
      Tweet TweetGuz Viewz – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. I have been reading a lot more lately. Filling my head with the words and insights of other people – artists, thinkers, poets and dreamers. Thinking that perhaps I can enlighten myself and understand more certainly what this life is really supposed to be about. Yearning to live a fulfilling life – a full – filling – life…..and wondering out loud and over again – what does [...]
    • A Matter of Time
      Tweet TweetGuz Viewz – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. I started thinking again. This time on the day of my little girl’s 25 th birthday – I know – I know….hard to believe…..Thinking about time and all it brings to us, takes from us, promises and demands of us. There are no measurements pure enough to capture and evaluate the moments that we are given and how we use them. When days roll into years and [...]
    • Guz Viewz on Kindness
      Tweet Tweet “If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.” -Mother [...]
    • The Ms Foundation: Focus on Chicago – Celebrating 40 years
      Tweet TweetI had the opportunity to meet with Michelle Clarkin of the Ms Foundation during her visit to Chicago recently. It was an amazing night really. There we were, with Amy Bloom and Maia Benson sitting around a table and creating a think tank of sorts. The first step – the beginning of incorporating Chicago and the women of this town under the established umbrella of New York and all that the Ms Foundation has built over the past four decades. [...]
    • Toys for Tots Ride
      Tweet TweetThe first Sunday in December can be brutally cold and miserable; with rain and snow or sleet and ice. Wind chills can cut through your under amour and bite the feeling out of your fingers. But this December 2nd was not a typical winter Sunday in Chicago. It was a balmy 62 degree day and over 45,000 motorcycles hit the pavement for the 35th Annual Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run. I left my house in the ‘burbs bright and early. My [...]
    • Melissa Etheridge wants you to come over
      Tweet TweetI remember when I first heard an Etheridge song. It was the late 80’s and I was hanging with friends – tunes blasting in the background – all very non descript background noise. Without warning I found myself leaving the conversation to pay attention to the song on the radio. It could not be ignored. The power of that voice meshed with the virility of her music caught me – somebody bring me some water baby – it caught me [...]
    • Get Out and Vote
      Tweet TweetI wrote this piece 4 years ago before walking into the voting booth and putting in my vote for Barrack Obama. I will walk into that polling place today and vote for Barrack Obama – because I still believe that we need this man to continue to champion for equality and human rights for all of us…..more important than any loss on the value of my property – more meaningful than the hard hits to my credit score during these [...]
    • Beautiful Mess
      Tweet TweetThere she was – right where I knew I would find her.  Crawling into the depths of my heart again – through that old back door with the broken lock.  She always knew how to break and enter and find a way to stay – as if no crime had ever been committed.  And I always knew how to let it happen. To bury an old relationship deep in the cold hard ground, to walk away all the better for the [...]
    • Not One Single Regret
      Tweet Tweet “When she shall die, Take her and cut her out in little stars, And she will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night And pay no worship to the garish sun.” ― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet   I got the news about an old friend today. A long ago and once upon a time sort of girl – someone I had known before and had not spoken to for years. We shared incredible memories of a [...]
    • Comfort Zone
      Tweet TweetComfort in a real, honest, living, evolving, passionate relationship should be an anomaly – but it seems to be a more and more prevalent word used to describe partnerships I see developing all around me. When someone describes their relationship as comfortable I die a bit on the inside. I happen to believe that in an intimate relationship, a partnership or a marriage- being comfy is the last thing I ever want to be. It is a dead end street [...]
    • My Harley, the road, and me
      Tweet TweetI headed west out of Chicago on a 900 mile journey to South Dakota on my Harley with a group of amazing women; all the while, I knew there would be some stories to tell when the memory was all I had left. The horizon changes from mile to mile, moment to moment, memory to memory. Blue skies shift to gray blankets of rain and grassy green hills fade into desert- like canyons as temperatures fluctuate without fair weather warning. The [...]
    • Miles to Milestones for this Harley Girl
      Tweet TweetI just returned from a week on the road on my 2008 Harley Sportster. The following are simple, and not so simple, thoughts and realizations from that time on the road – solitary moments spent inside my head brought to the surface. The ride is a magical thing – it transforms us if we let it. Here I am in my home again – back from the road again – wondering where to go again. Seems that life just takes me [...]
    • A Time to Kill
      Tweet Tweet This past month has brought a rush of unfathomable acts of hate to our front doors. From Texas to Colorado to the heartland of Nebraska, news of the unimaginable penetrates our lives and leaves me wondering, “What could possibly be next?” When two young girls, who happened to be a lesbian couple, had their innocent date night turn into an assault and murder, the world turned for a moment and looked in the direction of that tragedy. We all recognized the [...]
    • A Dyke on a Bike and Chicago Pride
      Tweet TweetOnly a year ago I would have stood toe to toe with you and told you in no uncertain terms just how much the word “dyke” offended me. I would have quietly slipped below the radar at work if the conversation led to my personal choices and expectations. I would have written my thoughts in a secret journal rather than blog them out and bare my soul to the world. Funny how a year can change a life. All the times [...]
    • 50 Shades of Gray and then some
      Tweet TweetNot sure what is going on exactly – I am feeling a little blocked creatively. Can’t find the words to say the things I have been feeling and going through over the past few weeks. Everyone wants to say it must be the birthday thing – the age thing – and in all reality – it isn’t – but maybe it plays a part. It all started earlier this year when I went to The Dinah in Palm Springs. It was [...]
    • Lesbians and their Celebrity Girl Crushes
      Tweet TweetI had a bright idea. I asked my peeps at The L Stop to tell me about their celebrity girl crushes. This has been WAY too much fun. We all get a little giggly and excited just mentioning who it is that turns our way cool selves into walking talking marshmallows. Take a look – have some fun – and when you get to the end – tell us about your fave celebrity girl crush!!! It’s fun to share!!! Lauren picked: Kristen Stewart [...]
    • Obama Bravery and Me
      Tweet TweetIt was a moment that we all took pause and thought to ourselves – Holy Shit – the president of the United States just publicly announced he was in favor of gay marriage. The flood of emotions and congratulatory high fives that dominoed themselves across this country were published and broadcast for the rest of the world to see. Take notice. And someone actually said – “President Obama is so brave for saying those words out loud.” Really?? Really?? Brave?? For [...]
    • Letter from a Lesbian’s Dad
      Tweet TweetNot so long ago, my father, who is in his late 70’s, was hospitalized with an unexpected surgery. While visiting we spoke about so much, including how things were going with The L Stop. He mentioned that he would like to write an article – and my smile told him how wonderful I thought that would be. My dad is the son of Irish immigrants. His father died when he was two years old, leaving his nineteen year old mother to [...]
    • La Niña El Niño El Whatever
      Tweet TweetThe sun is hotter than I remember. The birds are louder and the air is thicker. There are more ants and spiders and bees crisscrossing all over in front of my face. The seasons are not turning as the seasons were meant to turn and my biological clock feels more fucked up than ever. What the hell is going on? There are snow storms raging across portions of the country that have never seen snow before. There are tornadoes ripping through [...]
    • Time and Me and Shakespeare too
      Tweet TweetNo matter what we say or what we do – time turns baby – and no matter whom we are or what secret powers we possess – we age each time the sun surrenders to the all encompassing night. The twists and turns of this crazy ass life leave me wanting for more than all my ridiculously simple words can say. Coming upon cross road after cross road and more often than not finding myself wandering down paths I never [...]
    • Words to my baby daddy
      Tweet TweetMy heart drops and my stomach twists and it feels like I cannot possibly take a deep enough breath – if only for a moment. When I see that number displayed on my phone my mind becomes a place of disarray and days past and life already lived – why does your voice come back to wreak havoc on my newly found nirvana? Why do I have to listen to your words and the sound of all the irrelevance and [...]
    • Choices We Choose
      Tweet TweetWhy fit in when you were born to stick out? Oh Dr. Suess – you said a mouthful. Society wants to strangle us girls. The rules and the regulations that have been put in place by the radical right wingers on the planet that aim to stifle us and hold us in our places are becoming worn and tattered. The hierarchy and religious zealots who have forgotten what love, faith, tolerance and acceptance are really all about need to be reminded [...]
    • Is anyone listening
      Tweet TweetI talk to myself – all the time. I sing to myself, with myself and for myself. Yeah I am that chick in the car next to you just wailing on that song like I am live in concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Jamming like there is no tomorrow and fame and fortune are only an encore away. Not a day has gone by in this life of mine that I am not holding a full fledged conversation with my self [...]
    • Fight the Good Fight
      Tweet TweetThere is no greater joy than hearing the sound of your baby’s first cry. After months of waddling around, hormonal swings, caffeine and alcohol deprivation, late night ice cream and waffle cravings – the birth of your healthy child is a gift that no words can ever adequately describe. Life will never be the same… In a perfect world – the story only gets better. The time line of your child’s life begins and all the wonderment that you anticipated and [...]
    • Old Lady Advice
      Tweet TweetAs I struggle in an out of the fight to fix this body torn and changed by the surgery I had last year – I come to realizations about myself – my strengths and weaknesses and all that jazz. I have epiphanies and light streaming into the darker corners of my mind that force me to see- again and again – that every single trial and tribulation we go through channels us to the place we are truly meant to [...]
    • Everyday is VDay Baby
      Tweet TweetValentine’s Day is just around the corner. The whole Hallmark red heart Fannie May dozen red roses buy me something pretty, take me to the Sybaris and do me good mind set that rolls around in mid February has never made any sense to me at all. I am not a hater. I am not a cry baby. I do not have a jealous bone in my body. I am not a single woman whining and bitching because I have no [...]
    • Holy Mary Mother of God
      Tweet TweetHoly Mary Mother of God – who let the dogs out – turn down the freaking music – stop talking so loud – should I stay or should I go and why can’t I get my ass out of bed?? Oh – oh – yeah – that’s right. It was a school night and somebody was serving up some low end vodka and this old girl needs a lobotomy…. Not sure exactly when it happened. Between the ages of 35 and [...]
    • Why am I single
      Tweet TweetA very young and very beautiful girl leaned up against the bar next to me and touched her elbow to mine. I smiled – she smiled and we did the small talk thing as the music and the room played all around us. We knew each other – not for a long time – and not very well – but well enough. As I turned to her and grinned at her perfect smile she asked me the question of the [...]
    • For All Our Amazons
      Tweet Tweet According to the National Cancer Institute: One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Over 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. When breast cancer is detected early (localized stage), the 5–year survival rate is 98%. Over 30% of women are diagnosed after breast cancer has spread beyond the localized stage. Early detection is a must ladies – be proactive – get to your doctor – make an appointment – do breast self exams – oh hell [...]
    • No schedule for gratitude
      Tweet TweetWith the holidays all but a sweet memory – with the tinsel, mistletoe and egg nog lattes safely tucked away until next year – we race back to our ordinary, everyday, non tis the season frame of mind. And with the time of Thanksgiving and gift giving and resolutions all but a distant shadow on yesterday’s horizon – all those jolly, peace on earth and good will thoughts might have been quickly filed away by most of us. But wait [...]
    • Who is friending me and why
      Tweet TweetI was innocently meandering through my Facebook today when I noticed 3 new friend requests. I always get an optimistic grin on my face when someone wants to be friends with me – I must have made a damn good impression is what I tell myself. Imagine my surprise and my confusion when I do not even recognize the people friending me – what up wit dat?? I have noticed that immediately after a party or an event I tend to [...]
    • Standing in the middle of life
      Tweet TweetI am at that place again. I am in that in between place that comes and gets me every so often in this life of mine. The “should I stay or should I go” place – the “yesterday is gone tomorrow is not certain” place – the place that just feels like I am “treading water in a churning sea” kind of place. I hate this place – but I have been here before and I know it so well. “I’m [...]
    • Out of Nowhere
      Tweet TweetMaybe it is all in my imagination – as a matter of fact – I am sure it is. But there was a moment this weekend that caught me by surprise and has my little mind working overtime – did I miss an opportunity??? There was a big ole party at Spyner’s last weekend – birthdays and CMSA hoopla and a new band called The Hot Mess. The place was jamming – wall to wall crowd of women who were out [...]
    • Behind The Labels
      Tweet TweetLet’s just say I am easily confused. Easily amused and usually bemused by this life and all the crazy players who live it. All I know is – I am that I am – I have no desire to be something different. I find myself walking blindly around this earth, seeing everything that matters, if only to my own heart. I smile at strangers and speak my truth just hoping to make it to the next day all the while [...]
    • The Magic of the Season
      Tweet TweetAs the holiday season rolls full steam ahead and every moment of every week fills with meetings, family parties, work parties, friend’s parties , get togethers, pub crawls and God only knows what else – we may want to stop in our snowy tracks, walk away from the Frango mints, and remember what this season actually means to each of us. What it is that makes this marathon between Turkey Day and Mistletoe special in our eyes. What makes the [...]
    • Those silly girl parts
      Tweet TweetHave you seen my uterus????????….. I was born with one. I grew up with one. I made it through puberty, teenage years, young adulthood and most of my adult years with one. And then suddenly one day, when I was unable to stand from the pain that resonated through my lower abdomen, I was in the hospital and by the end of the week someone had taken my uterus………so much fun being a girl. Let me get this out there – I [...]
    • Silent Treatment
      Tweet TweetI am not really sure how people do it. How they talk around a subject and insinuate the ridiculous and avoid the truth as it stares them in the face. I am not really sure how so much gets said when words are never spoken. Communication is the root of every problem, every failed plan, every happiness, frustration, and every dream come true – so why are we so bad at it? I sit around the table with people who have [...]
    • Holiday Blues
      Tweet TweetUnless you have gone through them yourself – unless you have lived and experienced the real essence of the blues – you may have a hard time being compassionate to those of us who have. Keep your sunny side up and rock that holiday smile baby. And while you are at it make sure you cover the bases for those of us who can’t. Don’t get me wrong – I love the idea of the holidays. And when I was a [...]
    • This Place Is About To Blow
      Tweet TweetOnce upon a time there was no ignorance in the world. Once upon a time there were perfect days and peaceful nights when everyone on the planet just got along. There was no hatred and there was no greed. Judgment, entitlement, racism, secularism and exclusion were words that never were…..once upon a time. I met a good friend of mine at a local tavern not too far from my house the other night. Just one of those quick catch ups over [...]
    • How Much For Some Motivation
      Tweet TweetLast year at this time I was running half marathons and spending 3 mornings a week practicing yoga.  I was in the best condition of my life and looked the part.  One surgery and one very long recovery later I find myself 30 pounds heavier and right back to square fucking one.  God how I hate having to go back to the start when I was so close to the finish……. Finding the motivation to start from scratch when you have [...]
    • Be Part Of Equality
      Tweet TweetPeople come into our lives at just the time they are meant to – for all the reasons that I may never understand. Fate, circumstance and just the damn breeze blowing in a certain direction can change the course of our lives – especially when we are not paying attention. About three years ago I noticed this really cool logo that caught my eye – I don’t remember when or where – but I saw it and I liked it. I [...]
    • My Friend Your Friend Our Friend
      Tweet TweetI can remember when I was still in school and I had the best “BFF” in the world. We were like peas in a pod, jelly in a jar, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The world was right and there was nothing that we couldn’t tackle together – at least that is what I thought. Then out of left field she decides she wants to give our secret password to the new girl in our English class. I just hate [...]
    • All The Leaves Are Brown
      Tweet TweetI am starting to get a little nervous. Fall is here and is about to make way for winter and I am not going to take this very well. I am a summer girl through and through and as each passing day and each falling leaf remind me that shorter days and colder nights are inevitable – my sweet little disposition is beginning to sour just a bit. Two hundred and sixty days – give or take – until summer [...]
    • Finding The Truth
      Tweet TweetIt’s been over a year and a half since she walked (or was it ran) out of my life. A couple of summers gone by and another New Year on the way. There is no more pain or regret, no worries or desperate texts or aimless days spent wondering what went wrong. There are just fading memories that no longer occupy my ever changing heart. Sometimes looking back is a killer ladies – and sometimes it makes looking forward seem [...]
    • Platonic Date Partner in Crime
      Tweet TweetThe best thing ever – for real – out of this world no holds barred Cracker Jack prize of a life time is finding that special someone who is truly without exception and beyond a shadow of a doubt a life saving platonic date friend – no kidding. I am the luckiest person alive. I know I am – most days. We can’t all be lucky or blessed or fortunate enough to have landed in the arms of our one and [...]
    • Erase Hate, 13 Years Later
      Tweet TweetOctober 12, 1998 a handsome, well educated young man died quietly in a hospital bed while his parents watched him take his last breath. Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered in an inhumane act of hate by two men who just didn’t like the fact that he was gay. 13 years later a mother’s loss is too great to imagine and too horrific not to share. So share it we must so that perhaps our world might actually magically learn a [...]
    • To parent or not to parent
      Tweet TweetThere are so many things that no one ever prepares us for when we venture into the wild unknown called motherhood. My two little ones are not so little anymore and made it to young adult hood with out any major convictions or jail time (that I know about) – so that qualifies me as some sort of know it all mom who can hand out advice – right?? Thought I would share just a few little insights from the [...]
    • Steve Jobs, 1955-2011
      Tweet TweetI don’t know much about technology. I really don’t. You can call me Wilma Flintstone if you like – it is the truth – I am running on empty in my tank of knowledge concerning anything in the world of geekdom. I do my best – but if the truth be told – I am lucky I can write this document, save it right the first time and email it to The L Stop editors – where ever they may [...]
    • Didn’t Cost Me A Thing
      Tweet TweetJust two days ago I was walking on the soft white Florida sand as the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico while my beautiful daughter leaned her head on my shoulder. It was calm. It was peaceful. It was all a mother could hope for. It was just a simple pleasure really – the moment didn’t cost a dime – and yet the moment was priceless. Sometimes life’s enjoyments and treasures are not those that we send for from a [...]
    • Did your dream come true?
      Tweet TweetWhat did you dream for yourself when you were a child? What are you doing with your life? Are you in the place you most want to be? Does your existence reflect the dreams that swam from your heart when you were young and so sure of things? Where are you right this minute and where do you want to be tomorrow? Stop and listen to the answers you might give and follow the direction of your heart – if [...]
    • Bike Ride to the Chicago History Museum
      Tweet TweetThis past Saturday a group of chicks who happen to ride motorcycles met at The Parlour on Clark to take a little trip down to the Chicago History Museum. We rode together in honor of the exhibit “Out in Chicago” and it was truly an exceptional adventure. I showed up because all you have to do to a girl like me is to say “RIDE” and I am there. I don’t care if it is a 300 mile day trip or [...]
    • The Garden of Eve
      Tweet TweetIt was my first experience at a Garden of Eve event by LCCP of Howard Brown. The venue, the women, the cause, the music, the women, the cocktails, the motion on the dance floor, the women, the silent auction competition, the food and the women made it a night to remember. Did I mention it was a night full of energetic, fun, fascinatingly diverse women??? It was that…and so much more. Friday the 16th of September, Carnivale Restaurant turned into a [...]
    • Not Sure Why I Lose Myself From Time to Time
      Tweet TweetA blessing or a curse?….. Not sure why I am the way I am – it is almost starting to piss me off. Why do I smile as I look across a busy street and only see the flowers in the window sills that line the shaded walk when everyone else is cursing at the bumper to bumper metal to metal traffic jam of frustration going on right in front of me. Not sure why I never see the things that [...]
    • Tale of a Virgin Camper
      Tweet TweetI had never been camping in my life. That’s what I said – never been camping in my whole life. A friend of mine gasped as these words came out of my mouth and she asked in all her disbelief, “What kind of lesbian are you Guzman?” I took a step back from her pointed question and I told her with a straight face and certainly even a bit of pride – “The kind that stays at the Hyatt”. And [...]
    • You Can Run But You Cannot Hide
      Tweet TweetA friend of mine is leaving town. She is just not happy here anymore. She is fed up and disappointed at the story of her life up to this point. She is leaving her job and her family and group of friends behind to begin again in a sunny place. She is outwardly optimistic, excited and ready to get a fresh start on life. But I am worried. Worried for her because the thing I think so many people avoid [...]
    • Moments Make The Life
      Tweet TweetIn the past few months I have met some of the most amazing women. I have been a part of some of the most inspirational and life changing events. The influence we all have on one another – the good and the bad – the calm and the knowing – the controlled and frenzied is greater than any of us probably realize. And I am so very grateful for each and every moment. In our day in and day out routine [...]
    • I will if you will
      Tweet TweetIt is not all about the public display of affection. We all have our own opinions about that. It’s not even about showing everyone in the room what a mighty fine catch I made. It’s not about possession or control or marking my territory. It’s about doing what I want to do where I want to do it and when I want to do it with the person that I want to do it with – got it?? When I was [...]
    • Mean what you say and say what you mean
      Tweet TweetI find as the time goes by I learn more and more about people and tendencies and intentions. There are folks walking around out there that wouldn’t know the truth from a lie if you spelled it out in front of them – and they are ok with the not knowing. They don’t even recognize their imbalance and inconsistencies – as if there is no world but their world. There are others who try so hard to be so perfect [...]
    • No day but today….
      Tweet TweetThere are moments in this life that are too impossible to accept. Pain that is too deep to express. Loss that is too great to bear and sorrow that encompasses our hearts like a cold hard truth that burns through all reason. Untimely circumstances that crash through our sunny days and bring us to a place we never thought we’d be – we never imagined we would know. I was standing at a volunteer booth this summer when I saw this [...]
    • Needs and Wants
      Tweet TweetI was out doing one of my most favorite things the other day – (not) – when a little girl started screaming at her frazzled mother in the line at the grocery store. “MOM – I WANT IT NOW!!!! BUY THAT FOR ME….I WANT IT!!!!” I gave the little terrorist a side ways glare and told her without words that she was a rotten little punk and if she were my kid she would be digesting a mouthful of Palmolive [...]
    • All the good we can do
      Tweet TweetThere is a lot of work to be done ladies. There are a million issues to be recognized and foundations to be supported if we are open to the possibilities. We are a vibrant, young, powerful community and with our consolidated efforts we can make a difference right here in our own back yard. I love to ride. Love love love love love to ride that Harley of mine. One of the coolest benefits that come along with riding is getting [...]
    • Don’t I know you???
      Tweet TweetDid you ever get the feeling that you knew someone from the moment that you met? I mean – that you were automatically and unconsciously somehow connected? From the first time your eyes met and mumbled words were spoken there was some sort of a comfort – a knowing – a belonging. It can be both startling and unfamiliarly familiar – if that makes any sense at all. What’s it all about?? Why are we instantly attracted to a person’s smile [...]
    • Who’s gonna tell the kids
      Tweet TweetI think most of us have some memory of what it felt like to learn that there was no Santa Claus – there was no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy. What we believed so surely in suddenly was yanked from our world forever. A part of the magic was gone from our childhood. I imagined this might be the same feeling my children would have when the news of my divorce from their father was inevitable. This was some news [...]
    • Something so wrong…
      Tweet TweetWhy do we crave what is so obviously wrong for our well being and happiness?? Why can we not see clearly what everyone else and their mothers see– that girl is just not good for you. I think it is important that we question and challenge ourselves in order to evolve and become all we are supposed to be in this world – it is also therapeutic – to write out all the things in a relationship gone wrong that [...]
    • Dogs and their Lesbians
      Tweet TweetWhat is with these chicks and their beloved little pooches?? I mean really – Lesbians LOVE their dogs – love them beyond reason at times. They are their babies and their pals, their companions and their counter parts. No breed out of bounds and in some cases no number too many. They carry them in pouches and coordinate matching bandanas as they walk them through the city streets. They get down face to face and play kissy face and talk [...]
    • I don’t want to be friends
      Tweet TweetI don’t want to be your friend.  I don’t want to be your friend….Why do those words stick in my throat and refuse to come spewing out into the world so that they can become real?  What is so hard about just breaking the ties that bind us for good and once and for all?  Somebody get me a drink – bring the whole damn bottle – courage and righteousness and what is best for me really should not be [...]
    • PRIDE – more than just a word…
      Tweet TweetThe numbers were staggering really. It was estimated that 750,000 people gathered in the sunny streets of Chicago to celebrate a day of Pride. It got me to thinking – and God knows that can be a dangerous thing – what does pride mean? What does it say to each of us? There are so many definitions and interpretations of certain words and phrases. My favorite description of the word Pride comes from a guy whose life was no easy journey. [...]
    • What…so now you like women???
      Tweet TweetGrowing up we all listened to the stories and fairy tales read and told to us by our parents and teachers. We watched the Hollywood interpretation of happily ever after and every -dream- can- come- truisms. Most of us took those visions that saturated our imaginations and we secretly put them into our hearts and tried to live the life that we were obviously suppose to live – after all – the books and the movies couldn’t all be wrong! [...]
    • My Way, Your Way, or the Highway
      Tweet TweetVariety Show. Assortment. Smorgasbord. Potpourri. There are as many types of lesbians out there as there are stars in the sky – no freaking doubt about it. Walking around a two day festival in the city this past weekend brought so many fascinating realities to light that my fingers are forced to type. My brain is whacked with conflicting information freely shared with me from a diverse and wonderful array of woman. Oh man – if Clark Street could talk….. Where [...]
    • Did you really just break my heart?
      Tweet TweetWe have all been there.  We have known the torment of unrequited love and the solitude of mending our broken heart.  We have been left standing without hope or explanation as our one true love turns her phone to silent and tells us we are not what she wants after all.  Sometimes it feels so devastating that our very breath is all that reminds us that we are still with the living – that we can still be seen by [...]
    • What A Girl Wants
      Tweet TweetThere is no magic wand, special recipe or unbroken mold from which women who love women come from.  We are daughters and mothers, sisters and friends.  We are tall, athletic, bold and beautiful.  We are femme, butch, androgynous and nondescript. We are timid, bossy, sarcastic and sophisticated.  We come in all shapes, colors and sizes from every corner of the world and back again.  We are business women and teachers, dreamers and planners.  We are young and old and every [...]
    • Is She What I’m Looking For?
      Tweet TweetYou would think that by this stage in my life it would be clear to me.  You would think that having lived this long and having wandered this planet and experienced this world I would know what it was when I saw it.  You might even think that perhaps I should at the very least know what it is that I am looking for.  You just might assume that someone as cool and together as me would have it all [...]
    • Older Woman Younger Woman What Up Wit Dat??
      Tweet TweetI have always been young for my age – young at heart that is.  I never feel a day over 23 – not until I catch a glimpse of myself in the storefront window  as I walk by.  Not until that photo on Facebook glares at me and reminds me that indeed I am not a 23 year old.  Where the hell did those laugh lines come from – is that really MY neck??? –  and tell me that my [...]


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