The Garden of Eve

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It was my first experience at a Garden of Eve event by LCCP of Howard Brown. The venue, the women, the cause, the music, the women, the cocktails, the motion on the dance floor, the women, the silent auction competition, the food and the women made it a night to remember. Did I mention it was a night full of energetic, fun, fascinatingly diverse women??? It was that…and so much more.

Friday the 16th of September, Carnivale Restaurant turned into a place of celebration for over 500 lesbians, friends and family. The ticket was not only for a night out of the house and some good company – it was a fundraiser to benefit LCCP (which is the Lesbian Care Community Project) of The Howard Brown Center and all the good they do for our community. This event brought out an array of beautiful and talented women who were all dressed up and ready to light up the night. But we were not there for just the party – although the party was truly “all that” – we were there to represent – to do something for our community. To raise awareness and funds for a cornerstone foundation right in our own back yard. The LCCP/Howard Brown Center’s mission is simple and defines clearly why this evening was a vibrant, vital avenue which we should all walk down when the opportunity arises.

“Howard Brown exists to eliminate the disparities in health care experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people through research, education and the provision of services that promote health and wellness..”

As you walked through the narrow hallways, which opened up into colorfully decorated rooms, dramatically draped with hues and tints to emanate the themes of a Purgatory, Heaven and Hell you couldn’t help but feel a part of something very special. Trays of appetizers and glasses of wine were at your reach no matter which level of the after world you may have been visiting. There were women painted as perfect little pixie/fairies prancing about and there were talented performers playing their hearts out from a little corner in Hell. Heaven held a dance floor which rocked with angelic couples through out the night and Purgatory was the place to wait as you placed your bid on the items displayed for the incredible silent auction. Even with all the festivities going on – there was still time for a moving video tribute to Christina Santiago – a woman whose life and career were so vividly intertwined with what this evening really represented. A night of women crossing lines and holding their beautiful faces high and proud all the while raising money and awareness for LCCP and The Howard Brown Center.

I am drawn and fascinated by women empowering women to change the world for the better. Uniting strong minds and visionaries from every walk of life working to bring change and a better quality of life to the community we so strongly love and support. Garden of Eve is an annual fundraising event that, without a doubt, will bring me back year after year after year.

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