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How Facebook Is Destroying Civilization

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was no such thing as Facebook. Times were simpler and stories more true. Keeping up with the Jones’ was a simple contest regarding who had the best lawn or the newest car on the block. Laundry was hung privately in our own backyards […]

When Lady Love Knocks

I was killing some time stalking myself on the Facebook and it suddenly occurred to me that my life has really been a roller coaster wild ride the past 5 – 6 years. It almost feels as if I have lived an entire lifetime in this half decade – no wonder I am always ready for a […]

Differing Sex Drives: A Challenge for Relationships of all Stripes

A difference in sexual desire in a relationship can cause strain and stress for all partners. Sexual desire sits somewhere on a continuum for each of us, and ranges from very high desire to no desire whatsoever. While there is no “correct” or “healthy” sex drive, many couples experience pain and frustration when there is […]

Dispatch from a Dominatrix, Installment One: A Good Spanking

So, I’ve always been a pretty vanilla gal when it comes to bedroom fun. Maybe some light hair pulling or a playful slap now and again, but all in all pretty basic. Not because of any hangups, but because it just didn’t seem like I needed anything else. Well, the other day I was reading […]

Experience the Excitement

  [thanks! Selina of selinaloper] Hiya clam-jammers! What’s happening? It’s a perfect mid-June evening, and I’m sitting here typing this with all the windows open. My hair is air-drying from a bath I took a little while ago, and I have peach iced tea and a bowl full of green grapes and a bunny who […]

Contrary to Texas Court Decision, Sex Workers are People

(And the Broader Problem of Violence against Sex Workers) The latest atrocity out of Texas involves the murder of a young sex worker and the utterly unbelievable acquittal of the admitted perpetrator. On June 5th, Ezekiel Gilbert was exonerated  of criminal charges after shooting and killing a sex worker because she did not engage in […]

Do You Recognize These Lesbian Man-Myths?

I’ve got something on my mind. And usually you’d be right if you guessed “women,” but this time, it’s “men.” I’ve been hearing some things lately that have stopped me cold — things that I’m sure many of you have heard. You know — the myth lesbians being a bunch of “man-haters.” But I heard […]

A Whole New Reason to Love Your Clit

Oh, the clit. You marvelous little bundle of pleasure providing nerves. A group called Clitoraid recently announced that it will dedicate a full week to you. While the group states that they specialize in helping victims of Female Genital Mutilation, it wants to bring awareness to all clitorises everywhere by proclaiming an International Clitoris Awareness […]

An Interview With Searah Deysach of Early to Bed

Since 2001, Searah has been promoting a woman-centric view of sex while also providing a plethora of resources for any gender expression. In a time where the majority of sex stores stocked plastic pussies, vac-u-jacks, and cheap wanna-be dongs, Searah ventured forth with a mission to create a friendly, not-at-all-sleezy environment for everyone. While Early […]

Meet Me at the Pussy Palace! Queer Women & Public Sex Spaces

A co-worker shared an article with me today on Toronto’s Pussy Palace bathhouse event, and it got me thinking: could such a saucy event be successful here? If so, what might that mean for queer women in Chicago? If you’re unfamiliar with Pussy Palace, let me school you: Pussy Palace (I’m going to repeat the […]