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The Spanish Version of the Documentary Fish Out of Water Will Soon be Released

Filmmaker KY Dickens has been featured on The L Stop as one of our Top 10 Lesbians to Look Out for in 2013, so you may be familiar with her 2009 documentary A Fish Out of Water. The movie won several awards for it’s juxtaposition of the LGBTQ community against those who condemn homosexuality with […]

Back Lot Bash 2013

In 2004, a female-centric Chicago phenomenon was born. Amy Klujian and Christina Wiesmore combined their skills to create Back Lot Bash, the largest women’s pride party in the midwest. What started as a small two day event has now grown into a four day experience. With the variety of musicians, comedians, DJs, and hosts, most […]

Back Lot Bash Comedy Kick Off Features Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard

Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard pair up to add panache to movie parodies and reviews for “In Your Box Office“. Most recently, Tello Films is featuring their off-the-cuff comedic/reality/advice show, “Gay Street Therapy“. You can get a taste of their sardonic wit Thursday, June 27th at Mayne Stage during the Back Lot Bash’s comedy kickoff. […]

Red Flags Part Deux–First Date Faux Pas

So, you’ve met a girl (at one of our events…naturally). You cautiously looked out for the red flags we mentioned before. Now that you’ve moved past the meet and greet phase, its time for the first date. Keep your ears on alert, just in case she says any of the following off-the-wall, First Date Red […]

A Whole New Reason to Love Your Clit

Oh, the clit. You marvelous little bundle of pleasure providing nerves. A group called Clitoraid recently announced that it will dedicate a full week to you. While the group states that they specialize in helping victims of Female Genital Mutilation, it wants to bring awareness to all clitorises everywhere by proclaiming an International Clitoris Awareness […]

Back your shit up

How many times have you heard a version of this story? You have carefully catalogued your digital photos over the last 5 years, including many important points in your life: your trip abroad, your niece’s first steps, that thesis you’ve been working on for 2 years. One night, you are gesturing rather emphatically to your […]

An Interview With Searah Deysach of Early to Bed

Since 2001, Searah has been promoting a woman-centric view of sex while also providing a plethora of resources for any gender expression. In a time where the majority of sex stores stocked plastic pussies, vac-u-jacks, and cheap wanna-be dongs, Searah ventured forth with a mission to create a friendly, not-at-all-sleezy environment for everyone. While Early […]

US Women’s National Soccer Team vs Germany

This past October, Chicago was flooded with sports fans (althlesbians galore!) when we were treated to the arrival of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. The blinding light from so many gleaming Olympic Gold Medals wasn’t enough to deter the crowd of over 19,000 from poring into Toyota Park to watch our No. 1 ladies take […]

Poet Marty McConnell releases Wine for a Shotgun

To the uninitiated, the world of spoken word may seem strange and sometimes daunting. Luckily for you, there is no better way to test the waters than by attending Marty McConnell’s book launch. Recently releasing her first book, Wine for a Shotgun, Marty will begin her tour here in Chicago. She’ll perform live with an […]

Easy Abby: Lisa Cordileone and Emily Shain

While there are now a handful of lesbian web series for you to enjoy on the web, Easy Abby promises to be a romantic comedy worth waiting for. Lisa Cordileone, one of the actors and writers for Easy Abby, promises us that “there will be lots of ins and outs [of women]” throughout the series. […]