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Football Parties and Other Apprehensions About Sports

I’ve never watched football.  Well, that’s not true, actually.  I did watch football a couple of times in my youth incidentally while my Father would watch the Denver Broncos on the weekends.  I seem to remember something about getting a player to one side of the field to do a little happy dance.  And something […]

An Interview with Sam Hamilton about CMSA Women’s Soccer

If there is one thing I know for sure about Sam Hamilton – it is that she LOVES CMSA.  Her passion and dedication show year after year in her commitment to spreading the word about the organization and her support for women in sports.  If you have ever attended the CMSA Woman’s Social Party – […]

3rd Annual CMSA Women’s Social Party

The Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association, more commonly known as the CMSA, has provided a league of organized sports for the LGBTQ community. From flag football to dodge ball to badminton, the organization serves thousands of Queer athletes every year. The social part of the organization is known to go beyond the field, with Sunday afternoons […]

Just Don’t Call Them ‘Calendar Girls’

If you’re like, well, the rest of the women-loving-women clan then the idea of a group of gorgeous, fit women running around and touching each other does something warm inside of you. Now, take that thought and multiply it by 100 and replace “touch” with “forcibly slam into” and you have an inkling of the […]

US Women’s National Soccer Team vs Germany

This past October, Chicago was flooded with sports fans (althlesbians galore!) when we were treated to the arrival of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. The blinding light from so many gleaming Olympic Gold Medals wasn’t enough to deter the crowd of over 19,000 from poring into Toyota Park to watch our No. 1 ladies take […]

Gold Medal Abs

Did watching the Olympic Games this past summer get you thinking, “Man, I should get back into the gym”? This is a common reaction given the display of incredible bodies. But you don’t have workout like an Olympian to look like one. With the right diet and exercise you can shed away that extra filling […]

10 Hottest Female Olympic Athletes

With the advent of ESPN’s Body Issue as well as the numerous swimsuit editions from past years, we have all wondered who truly ranks as the “Hottest” female athlete out there. As such, The L Stop decided to quantify that question by conducting a survey. The requirements were simple: the athletes had to be a […]

10 Must See Female Athletes in the 2012 Olympics

In doing research on the 2012 Olympics, I found that I was overwhelming impressed with the sheer number of athletes out there. As such, I wanted to put together a list of athletes whose accomplishments are unparalleled in many cases and are definitely not given as much of the spotlight as some of their fellow […]

Sculpt the Perfect Summer Arms

Summer is now in full swing which means breaking out the piece of clothing that is a staple in any lesbian wardrobe; the cutoff. The cutoff can be as simple as a wife-beater to as fancy as a sleeveless tuxedo shirt. Either way you want to make sure your arms are ready for their big […]

More than a Phoenix They are a FORCE

To think that only 10 years ago there was no professional woman’s football league in Chicago – what a difference a decade can make…. The city was filled with women playing flag football, but no professional full tackle football was in sight. An influx of Division 1 athletes flooded the fields in the Chicago land […]