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Community Spotlight: Torie McMillan

Torie McMillan is one of those photographers that quietly moves around the room, wisely framing her photos before snapping just at the right time. Without making a scene, moving people around to perfection or otherwise complicating the process of capturing memories, McMillan utilizes her talent and has always presented stunning results. Being behind the camera […]

23 Cheap Summer Date Ideas

As the weather gets nicer we begin to liberate our feet with flip flops, open the windows to circulate the fresh air and make our way out of the months-long seclusion known as winter. From cozy nights filled with wine and board games we get ready for summer’s endless list of festivals, long weekends, Barbecues […]

In the last hours of session, the Illinois House struggles for support of Marriage Equality

Yesterday the Illinois House of Representatives failed to pass the bill that would ensure equal marriage throughout the State. The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act was not even introduced for a vote in the last hours of session, due to what many believe is a result of teh lack of support from the Black […]

Interview with Zarinah Ali, Artistic Director at Realize Theatre Group

In the last couple of years, obstacles faced by queer youth have become a nationally recognized issue. From bullying to abuse to suicide, these themes have been on the mind of Realize Theatre Group’s co-founder Zarinah Ali long before the creation of ‘It Gets Better’. Ali and Taryn Smith founded the Realize Theatre Group in […]

Top Ten Chicago Lesbians to Look Out for in 2013

For the second year in a row we called on our readers to nominate the outstanding women in our community who have been making waves in 2012 and are picking up some serious momentum as we work our way through 2013. From the activist to the artistic, the response was overwhelming. A huge year for […]

An Interview with Ann Hilton Fisher of the Aids Legal Council

Ann Hilton Fisher has been at the helm of the Aids Legal Council as its Executive Director since 1997, when she left an amazing run working with the Disability Law Project and beginning the HIV Law project. Among her many accomplishments in the beginning of her career was a 5 year campaign in which she […]

Illinois Senate Passes Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act

LGBTQ couples in Illinois have one more reason to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, as the State Senate passed the Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act by a 34-21 vote. On the heels of last week’s astounding show of support from hundreds of clergy and other religious leaders in an open letter encouraging the freedom […]

3rd Annual CMSA Women’s Social Party

The Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association, more commonly known as the CMSA, has provided a league of organized sports for the LGBTQ community. From flag football to dodge ball to badminton, the organization serves thousands of Queer athletes every year. The social part of the organization is known to go beyond the field, with Sunday afternoons […]

Kam Kardashian

If you have been following The L Stop in the past year, the name Fawzia Mirza should definitely ring a bell. In 2012 she made our list of Top Lesbians to look out for and she has been on fire ever since. On the heels of starring in the first season of her webseries,“Kam Kardashian,” […]

Our Favorite and Least Favorite People of 2012

2012- what a crazy year. From the war on women in legislation to the victories of women in the most recent elections, we have had quite the battle on our hands. With the controversial always come the revolutionary and thankfully there was more inspiration than those that make the early activists cringe. As we reflect […]