Illinois Senate Passes Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act

senate_passesLGBTQ couples in Illinois have one more reason to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, as the State Senate passed the Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act by a 34-21 vote. On the heels of last week’s astounding show of support from hundreds of clergy and other religious leaders in an open letter encouraging the freedom to marry, Governor Pat Quinn called for action in his State of the State Address. Reflecting on the passage of the Civil Union Bill the Governor remarked; “Our Illinois is not a land of discrimination…Now it’s time to take the next step…Let’s pass this bill for marriage equality and let’s do it now.”

Equality Illinois, The Civil Rights Agenda, Illinois Unites for Marriage and several other organizations have been organizing phone banks, lobby days and other efforts to encourage as many voters as possible to contact their elected officials so that the act will pass swiftly when it gets to the House of Representatives.

“Marriage provides an abundance of legal, social and financial privileges… It is a time that Illinois gets rid of it’s second class status for same sex couples.”
Bill Sponsor Senator Heather Steans

If YOU are interested in helping out in the final push towards the passage of marriage equality, there are phone banks throughout the state that could use your time, be it for an hour or an afternoon. Contact Caroline Staerk at

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