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Two Brides and Muscle Maker Grill

It’s that time of year again my friends – the time when we really get a good look at our winter hibernation habits and try to figure out ways to make some changes!! In these days of quick fixes and healthy alternatives – there is one sure way to help you make better choices when […]

Val’s ‘Blue Ribbon’ Chili

Winter has arrived in the heartland, and if you’re looking for the perfect comfort food to warm your soul and fill your belly, this chili can’t be beat. If the way to your ladies’ heart is through her stomach, this stew will have her wrapped around your finger — at least until Spring. If crock […]

5 Easy Ways to Avoid Over-Eating on Thanksgiving

With the holidays upon us it is easy to get a little carried away. Thanksgiving is the day to stuff a turkey; most people end up stuffing their face as well. Here are a few easy ways to safe guard your diet and your waistline. Follow these tips and you won’t need to set a […]

Make a Tapas night bring the flare and taste of Spain right to your home

Tapas are a staple of Spain in its most basic form these are a small snack or appetizer served with a drink or two for lunch or early evening. Its more a way of eating rather then cooking, sociability, friends and family. The Spanish will rarely drink with out eating you can also look  back […]

Big Star Review

Big Star 1531 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60622 Neighborhood: Wicker Park CASH ONLY I walked into Big Star on a Sunday afternoon, surprisingly there were tables available and the bar wasn’t crowed. For those of you that know Big Star’s reputation, you understand that this is rare! I actually really like sitting at […]

Lickher Lesbians: Pumpkin Beer Queer Review

With labor day now past, we come to the slow and painful realization that summer is drawing to a close. To help ease the transition, we suggest you go out and try some pumpkin beer! The very thought of putting the large orange fruit into beer could seem quite repugnant to some, but I entreat […]

Interview with Ted Allen: Chopped, Queer Eye, and Garden of Eve

This Friday, September 14th the Howard Brown Health Center will be having their annual Garden of Eve Gala at the River East Center. The host for the VIP reception is Ted Allen, well-known author, chef and host of the Food Network’s show “Chopped.” Ted Allen, quite frankly, was a surprise to me…a pleasant one. Although I’ve […]

Red, White, and Food

A wine and food blog by Michelle Grimes and friends Wine was the subject of a conversation I had with some friends recently. More specifically, we talked about how pretentious, snobby, and “uppity” it seems to be when it relates to wine tasting and wine pairing. Naturally, I defended wine. The only reason, in my […]

A Mexican BBQ Recipe

Summer will be over before you know it, so take advantage of it…..BARBEQUE!!! Get away from traditional burgers and hot dogs and try something different by adding some Mexican flare to your summer menu!!! Have some carne asada, guacamole and salsa and enjoy the flavors of a traditional Mexican BBQ!! After the party in your […]

4 Suyos Peruvian Cuisine

4 Suyos Peruvian Cuisine 2727 W Fullerton Ave Chicago, IL 60647 Neighborhood: Logan Square (773) 278-6525 I drove past this place and thought, two Peruvian restaurants right next door to each other? Not sure if that was a good sign or a bad sign – but I knew I had to check it out. […]