5 Easy Ways to Avoid Over-Eating on Thanksgiving

With the holidays upon us it is easy to get a little carried away. Thanksgiving is the day to stuff a turkey; most people end up stuffing their face as well. Here are a few easy ways to safe guard your diet and your waistline. Follow these tips and you won’t need to set a New Years resolution to get back to that “pre-holiday weight.”

1. Drink it up!

Drink 16 oz of water with your meal. Drinking two glasses of water will make you feel more full, helping you eat less. Try a glass before hand, and then have ice water to sip on hand during the meal. It also aids in digestion and lowers the chance of you always reaching for that calorie-filled wine glass.

2. Wait it out!

Before you go for seconds, wait 20 minutes. Studies have shown cravings to disappear after 15-20 minutes. Sit back, chat to people. Enjoy the conversation. Then, if you’re still feeling a grumble, load up on all the greens you can find.

3. Slow it down!

Research has shown that eating slower causes the release of hormones which caused the subjects to feel more satisfied after eating. Put your fork down between bites and really chew your food!

4. Work it!

Plan a good workout that morning. The exercise will help you feel better about eating as well as help burn a few extra calories you’ll be eating later.

5. Veg out!

Load up your plate with good foods like fruits and veggies. Filling up with healthier options will help make you feel fuller, when you go to eat grandma’s pumpkin pie.

Otherwise, just stick with what’s tried and true. Don’t over indulge on the before-treats and try to limit alcohol consumption when possible. Try to make the best choices you can, but don’t stress out over it! Everyone should be able to relax and nibble on some added treats on Thursday…follow the guidelines, and your gut, and you’ll make it to December still rockin’ skinny jeans just fine.

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3 Responses to “5 Easy Ways to Avoid Over-Eating on Thanksgiving”

  1. I found your comment about drinking water to reduce food intake to be interesting and did some research. Turns out that most people drink more fluids at meals then between meals and restricting fluid intake at meals resulted in 37% reduction in food intake. Here is a link to the study if you are interested

    Posted by Daina | November 24, 2012, 5:45 pm
  2. We’re glad our article sparked curiosity on your part!! Your study, conducted in the late 80’s, is a good example of how our bodies naturally alter based on availability of drinks and food and tend to gravitate towards drinking while eating (either due to digestive aids or due to ease of availability). More current research, aimed at looking at actual weight loss and not just appetite, supports that an increase in deliberate water consumption as a means to avoid over-eating is an effective method in weight-control.

    However, this seems to be more effective for both older people and overweight folks. On young, healthy individuals who are used to water intake it does not appear to alter food consumption greatly.

    As always, thank you sooooo much for your input!!!

    Posted by L | November 26, 2012, 3:09 pm
  3. Yes are the nice tips and also proven one for less food consumption, thanks for the post

    Posted by recipeadda | October 14, 2014, 4:02 pm

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