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#WWSD (What Would Siri Do?) #Hashtag Season Two: LadyDates in the Digital Age

Written by: Jennifer Boeder Season One of “#Hashtag” gave viewers a fresh, funny sendup of twenty-something gay girl life in the digital age, where every text, photo, and post drives events in the love lives of the two main characters, Liv and Skylar. The two friends (played by real-life pals who actually wrote the series […]

Fortune Feimster does Chicago Pride and Back Lot Bash Comedy Kick Off

Once upon a time there was a girl named Fortune. She grew up to be a stand up comedienne and a writer for the one and only Chelsea Lately Show. She is an amazingly chill woman who is as busy as busy can be – but she took some time to talk with me as […]

Candy Lawrence Interview

Chicago is brimming with comedic genius and I have had the good fortune to interview fellow comedian Candy Lawrence. Her curly hair and wide grin are captivating both on stage and off and I especially appreciate her tag line, “Candy Lawrence, more like Comedy Lawrence”. Tamale: When did you first know you wanted to do […]

FBDA- Facebook Displays of Affection

There is a tradition of certain lesbian couples being guilty of PDA, public displays of affection – public make out sessions, hands down pant pockets, sharing too much about their sex lives.  But now, in an age where the youth of our nation communicate mainly through social networking sites, lesbians must be cautious of a […]

The First Few Dates (That I didn’t know were dates)

Let me begin this article with a personal disclaimer: I am very new to the lesbian-dating scene. Without even realizing, I had documented via diary my first several dates with my first girlfriend. And what I recognized is that those entries were written with absolutely no certainty of the girl’s intentions. For the sake of […]

Stye = 1, Tamale = 2

I have a stye.  A big un.  For those of you who don’t know what a stye is, it’s essentially a zit (gross) inside your eyelid (grosser).  It makes your eye puff up and feels like you have a conjoined twin tightly curled up behind your lashes.  Also, it hurts.  That little twin is just […]

Tamale at Viva Las Vegas 14!

Last weekend I headed west for the annual rockabilly weekender, Viva Las Vegas.  Each year, rockabilly folks come from all over the world to celebrate the sights and sounds of this modern twist on classic Americana.  It was nearly as breathtaking as the inescapable cigarette smoke in the host casino! I felt as though I […]

The (Really Dumb) Questions Heteros Ask Lesbians

(Disclaimer: I’m not heterophobic. Some of my closest friends are straight. I just figured, since they make fun of me so often, why not return the favor.)   Top 10 (Really Dumb) Questions Straight Guys Ask Lesbians So you like girls? So….you’re bi? I am not sure exactly what it is about the male ego, […]