Tamale at Viva Las Vegas 14!

Rockabilly Babe and The Twins

Last weekend I headed west for the annual rockabilly weekender, Viva Las Vegas.  Each year, rockabilly folks come from all over the world to celebrate the sights and sounds of this modern twist on classic Americana.  It was nearly as breathtaking as the inescapable cigarette smoke in the host casino!

I felt as though I had been transported back in time, that my parents picture books had come to life.  The greased haired fellas with careless cigarettes dangling from their lips, women wearing vintage bathing suits with fancy sunglasses, and the beautiful classic cars all contributed to an atmosphere of a different time and place.  Only the multiple piercings, prolific tattoos, and bright stripes of color in the ornate do’s betrayed that we were, indeed, living in 2011.  Well, that and the other hotel guests openly gawking at the endless parade of eye candy.

All weekend I saw gorgeous women parading about, rocking hairstyles that were cemented in place against the dusty Vegas gusts.  Their curls were perfect, hair decorations colorful, and their victory rolls created wind tunnels that could slap a Pabst right out of the hand of the ogling greaser standing directly behind her.  Simply put, they were magic in heels.  I stared slack-jawed most of the weekend as they sashayed en mass through the Orleans hotel and casino, their nautical themed, strappy wedges.

I was in love with the boys.  What with their rolled jeans, Chuck Taylors, and the promise of a prison record, they look just like the women of my dreams.  I watched them check out the gals from behind their dark sunglasses, blowing their cool façade as they high fived their buddies once the ladies passed.  Watching them strut around, lookin’ for trouble was half the fun.  I delighted in watching them get increasingly drunk, then spill their drinks on the very ladies they were trying to impress.   Sexy.  I wish I had a salsa-laden corn chip for every neck tattoo I saw, mostly because I eat my feelings.

Wind Whipping My Hair Back and Forth

Well, I can’t go anywhere with out running into someone I know and this was no exception.  While taking in the sounds of classic rockabilly bands, I ran into our own Chicago burlesque beauties Scarlett DeVille, Michelle La’Mour, and Donna Touch.  I’ve gotta say, these ladies did us proud.  After hugging it out, I decided to don a Stop Staring dress, tame my mane, and paint on a little vintage interpretation of my lady face (see above picture).  The results were highly favorable and I even snagged a new corset to rock this summer, and a parasol to shade my delicate alabaster skin.  Sadly, my hair wasn’t up to the challenge of the desert wind and mostly whipped back and forth, not unlike Willow Smiths’ mane.  (see picture right)

Overall, even though I felt like I was breathing through a cigarette filter ball gag, I had a blast.  There was a queer presence there, in the form of some high femmes (holla) and a handful of butches (wink).  I arched a brow and smiled a knowing grin whenever our paths crossed.  I hope to return next year and maybe even see a few more mo’s there, especially if they are sporting neck tattoos and salsa-laden chips.


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“Femme that’s a little ruffle around the edges.”

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  1. Sounds like a fun and enjoyable event in Vegas. I personally love the rockabily era; the greased hair, hot cars and clothes, so much fun!

    Posted by Used Cars Las Vegas | September 20, 2011, 10:22 am

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