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Honoring Sex Workers’ Humanity, Celebrating International Sex Worker Rights Day

There is no shortage of sensational reporting about sex workers in the media – the countless public scandals involving politicians and celebrities being ‘caught’ with escorts, and instances like the recent news of the Duke student that was outed as an adult film actor. What mainstream media doesn’t present is a more complex, nuanced depiction of the approximately 41 million people worldwide who work […]

Illinois Becomes the 15th State To Legalize Same Sex Marriage

We passed the damn bill! Equality Illinois has all of the answers to your marriage related questions. Check out their Marriage Guide to find out what rights come with marrying a same-sex partner. They also have a marriage help desk available. You can call them at 773-477-7173 or email them at info@eqil.org. Sidetrack Video Bar […]

The Girl Scouts: Selling Cookies Has ALWAYS Been a Euphemism for Lesbian Sex

This morning my sister Trish Bendix brought my attention to another attack on the Girl Scouts—apparently, some pastor thinks the Girl Scouts sell “lesbian cookies.” And I’m like, “Hell yes they do!” Instead of the apple, the Scouts lead you into temptation with a cookie. OBVIOUSLY. I wrote about this phenomenon over a year ago: Another day, another […]

Americans Speak Out Against Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws

Over the past several months, anti-gay laws in Russia have gained attention worldwide, particularly in the United States and other countries with marriage equality laws in place. In addition to outrageous discrimination against the LGBT population in Russia, these laws will impact LGBT citizens of other countries who visit Russia (and anyone that law-enforcing officials […]

Contrary to Texas Court Decision, Sex Workers are People

(And the Broader Problem of Violence against Sex Workers) The latest atrocity out of Texas involves the murder of a young sex worker and the utterly unbelievable acquittal of the admitted perpetrator. On June 5th, Ezekiel Gilbert was exonerated  of criminal charges after shooting and killing a sex worker because she did not engage in […]

In the last hours of session, the Illinois House struggles for support of Marriage Equality

Yesterday the Illinois House of Representatives failed to pass the bill that would ensure equal marriage throughout the State. The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act was not even introduced for a vote in the last hours of session, due to what many believe is a result of teh lack of support from the Black […]

DOMA and Edie and Me

The headlines and once upon a time bi lines are all telling the same story these days. DOMA on the agenda and Edie Windsor elegantly representing the righteousness of a cause while FaceBook turns red with the marketing genius of HRC billowing the sails. And it got me to wondering about something…. What is it […]

The Struggle for Equality Does Not End With Marriage

By Mallorie DeRiggi There is a lot to be hopeful for if you are an LGBT person in Illinois. With marriage equality looming in the balance and hinging upon an upcoming vote coming out of the Illinois State House, the fates and futures for LGBT people throughout Illinois will undoubtedly change if the bill is […]

Immigration Discrimination: The EVEN DARKER Side of DOMA

As we all perch precariously on the edge of our seats, anxiously waiting the almost certain legalization of same sex marriage in Illinois, an adorable couple waaaaaay up in Roger’s Park can’t help but watch with indifference. Though Caz and Aimee’s marriage would be recognized in Illinois with the passing of this legislation, legitimizing their […]

Illinois Senate Passes Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act

LGBTQ couples in Illinois have one more reason to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, as the State Senate passed the Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act by a 34-21 vote. On the heels of last week’s astounding show of support from hundreds of clergy and other religious leaders in an open letter encouraging the freedom […]