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The Ins and Outs of Being Out in Education

“So, when did you come out?” If you’re like me, this is a very confusing question. Deep breath. I love this game. “I officially came out to myself in college when I acknowledged the serious case of butterflies I got every time I thought about this woman I had just met; from the moment I […]

Music! Dancing! All for the Children…

Having recently transitioned from a job in very direct service of Chicago youth, I am painfully aware now of how easy it is in our busy adult lives to forget that there are young people in this city.  Sometimes they’re on the train with me, or at a park I walk by occasionally, but they […]

FEMINISM. ART. CHARITY. Come and get it at Gynaeceum!

You know what I love about Chicago in the summer, beside the fact that it is NOT Chicago in the winter? THE ART. Seriously, this city is packed with amazing artists and shows and art shows ALL SUMMER LONG.  And this kind of awesomeness can be a little overwhelming at times, I get it. We’re […]

PUT A RING ON IT! Interview with wedding jewelry designer Chaya Caron

It’s spring, y’all. Like for real.  It’s that time of year when your mailbox overflows with really cleverly-designed save-the-dates for the seventeen weddings you will be dedicating all your weekends to this summer.  This, combined with the impending probability of the legalization of same-sex marriage in our fine state, might even have you thinking your […]

Sean Wiggins Interview

Coasting on the amazing high that comes from having seen so many beautiful, beautiful queers gambling and flirting and performing at our two-year anniversary party this past weekend left me hungry for more. More ladies! More gayness! More music! So I thought I’d do some virtual flirting of my own with my future wife, California-based […]

Gender Identity Privilege

Last weekend, I attended the first annual “Trans 100” event at Mayne Stage Theater in Rogers Park, an amazing night in celebration and recognition of one hundred individuals across the country who are doing important work for the transgender community. And I cannot emphasize that last word enough – community. I am still feeling the […]

Immigration Discrimination: The EVEN DARKER Side of DOMA

As we all perch precariously on the edge of our seats, anxiously waiting the almost certain legalization of same sex marriage in Illinois, an adorable couple waaaaaay up in Roger’s Park can’t help but watch with indifference. Though Caz and Aimee’s marriage would be recognized in Illinois with the passing of this legislation, legitimizing their […]