#WWSD (What Would Siri Do?) #Hashtag Season Two: LadyDates in the Digital Age

Hashtag Season 2Written by: Jennifer Boeder

Season One of “#Hashtag” gave viewers a fresh, funny sendup of twenty-something gay girl life in the digital age, where every text, photo, and post drives events in the love lives of the two main characters, Liv and Skylar. The two friends (played by real-life pals who actually wrote the series together) are more than a little addicted to social media, and the show takes full advantage of the hilarity and drama that Instagram likes, Twitter mentions, and OkCupid messages have added to lesbian living.

Skylar (Caitlin Bergh), a struggling comic, has been kicked out of her apartment by her erstwhile girlfriend (who discovered NSFW pics of another lady on Skylar’s phone). She copes with her misery by videoing herself as she crashes at various friends’ apartments (@CouchLady); her Vines goes viral and hilarity ensues.

Liv (Laura Zak) has a gorgeous yoga instructor girlfriend (the delicious Marnie Alton) but Liv still can’t stop checking her phone to ponder the semi-seductive comments of an older woman she’s never met who’s been flirting with her on Instagram (MarleesMom). Is MarleesMom a friendly maternal figure a la Mrs. Gárrison from “The Facts of Life?” Or is she Andersonville’s answer to Mrs. Robinson? Clearly Liv must meet her to find out…

“#Hashtag” first season packed plenty of passionate punch, but Season Two really turns the erotic heat up to eleven. Characters tackle each other in stairways, in walkways, at Mary Kay-esque makeup demos and teen sleepovers. Their sexcapades are so real they’ll likely leave many viewers watching one-handed.

While “Hashtag” is a saucy, sexy, silly viewpoint on the dramas of dating for digital natives, it manages to offer wry commentary on how social media sucks all of us into its devouring maw. Who among us hasn’t jumped at the sound of a new message, or looked to their phone for distraction from the day-to-day grind? The characters of “Hashtag” get into trouble with their screens, but can we really blame them? After all, excitement, romance, and endless possibilities could be just one text message away.

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