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feimster_mainFortune is coming to town and that means we all need to get ready to have some fun!! Not only does she have a show at Zanies in Old Town on January 24th, but she is also hosting the annual CMSA Party at Joe’s on Weed on the 23rd. A whole weekend of wonderful Fortune, who could ask for more?

I had an opportunity to ask our favorite funny lady some questions and she was kind enough to answer…here is what we talked about:



Fortune hosts the CMSA Annual Party of 2016!

TLS: Why on earth would you come to Chicago in January? Tell us what you have lined up.

FORTUNE: I know, right!? And I am so not a cold weather person. I’m coming because I was asked to host the CMSA Annual Party and it sounded like a fun event. Plus, Chicago is one of my favorite cities. So I’m going to host that event on the 23rd and then on the 24th I’m going to do a show at Zanies in Old Town.

TLS: Your dance card is filling up quickly these days -what does that feel like?

FORTUNE: It feels awesome. I’ve been in LA for 13 years and it’s so great to finally see all of the hard work paying off. And I think it means even more because there are absolutely no guarantees in the business. Just because you work hard doesn’t mean you always get the jobs you want so I’m grateful that things have come together like they have.

fortune-feimster_comedy_storeTLS: What led you to comedy? I mean, I can be cute and funny – but to turn that corner and make a living telling jokes or being a story teller – how did that happen for you?

FORTUNE: I really just fell into it. I started improv as a hobby and it quickly became a passion. Then once I started standup a few years later, it’s like I knew instantly that I had found my calling. That feeling of making people laugh and feel good was so intoxicating that I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to trying to recreate those moments over and over again.

TLS: Who do you think influenced your comedy style?

FORTUNE: I grew up watching reruns of the Carol Burnett Show and I think that had a huge influence on me. To see a woman who could write, act, and improvise was so impressive. But I also liked that she surrounded herself with funny people. I am lucky enough to have so many funny friends out in LA and anytime we get to work together is a dream.

Screen shot 2016-01-16 at 7.40.21 PMTLS: Do you find it more difficult to write your comedy or to perform it in front of a crowd?

I find it more difficult to write comedy. Performing is a dream. As far as writing, it’s hard coming up with new ideas and to try and think of jokes that haven’t been done before. I think that’s why I rely so much on personal stories. They are things that happened to me specifically but that everyone can relate to. However, with standup, you can’t just tell a story. You have to really dig deep to find those punchlines. It’s definitely my greatest challenge.

I stalked your Facebook and see you have a beautiful new lady in your life – how did you two meet?

FORTUNE: I do indeed. She is awesome. We actually met this summer in…yes, you guessed it, Chicago!! That certainly has a lot to do with me coming out there in the middle of winter as well. She promised to keep me warm.

TLS: I can’t imagine Back Lot Bash without your face – will you be back this year?

FORTUNE: I don’t have any specific plans as of right now but there is certainly a good chance that I will pop up. You can’t beat Chicago in the summer!

Screen shot 2016-01-16 at 7.14.44 PMTLS: Do you like the traveling aspect of comedy – or are you ready to take a break from the road?

FORTUNE: I do like it a lot because it’s such a cool way to see the country. I’m always ending up in places I never would get the chance to go to otherwise and I meet the nicest people in every city. Plus, there’s nothing better than performing in front of live audiences. But I have been traveling non-stop for the last five years so I’m ready for a little break. I won’t stop traveling altogether but they just made me a regular on the “The Mindy Project” so the schedule will only give me enough time to do shows on the road like once a month. That’s why people should come see my show on the 24th! It may not happen again for a bit.

TLS: My son is a graduate of Second City and has worked some gigs around Chicago – what advice would you give someone who really wants to do comedy forever!!?

FORTUNE: You just have to really love it because, like I said, there are no guarantees. Not everyone is going to “make it” in this business. I did this for 10 years before I made a dime. And I was doing show after show and never getting paid but it didn’t matter because I loved it. But if you are just in this business to try and get rich and famous, nine times out of 10 you will be super disappointed.

TLS: What are 2 things on your bucket list??

FORTUNE: I want to write a book at some point and I’d love to star in an action movie. Yes, I know I don’t have the body for it but that’s why it would be awesome! I’d fight crime and then have to sit down on a bench to catch my breath.

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