Garden of Eve: How much does your ticket purchase help?

goe_main How has Garden of Eve supported programs at HB?
Because women and transgender/gender non-conforming (TGNC) individuals continue to be marginalized in the larger LGBTQ community, Garden of Eve supports the work and services that these teams provide due to lack of funding.

Garden of Eve helps supports sexual and reproductive health services at our monthly Sexual and Repro Health Drop-In Night, where we provide HIV/STI testing and treatment, birth control counseling, IUD placement, mental health intake, insurance enrollment, pap/pelvic exams and breast or chest exams for FREE to uninsured or underinsured patients. While pap, pelvic and breast/chest exams are covered by our Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer program, the remainder of services are provided by HB. We serve new and continuing patients from the larger community, including the BYC.

Garden of Eve also supports community programs and health education workshops that we otherwise wouldn’t have. These include events such as: the 2016 Pop-Up Trans Health Fair at the Miss Continental Plus Pageant, Alternative Insemination Program Workshops and the 2015 Open Dyke (Mic) Night. Money from GOE not only helps us provide supplies, food and health education materials at these events; it also goes towards supplying a space for such events.


How about some data breakdown on how someone’s ticket purchase affects Howard Brown?

  • $150 provides a mammogram, lab tests for someone newly diagnosed with HIV or a monthly injection of testosterone.
  • $250 provides counseling for a youth at-risk for suicide, or a person newly diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness.
  • $500 provides a primary care visit and IUD insertion for a patient, or a year of primary care visits for a patient with no insurance.
  • $1,000 ensures access to medication for a patient who cannot access HIV medications.

How many people attend GOE since inception?

2,790 unique individuals attended Garden of Eve at least once between 2009-2015 (there have been six events).

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