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Politics of Gender

Ever since I was a little person they made fun of me. I didn’t play with dolls. I threw like a boy. I wore construction boots. I never liked the frilly dresses. My Schwinn five speed was not a girl’s bike. I hated pony tails, ribbons and lace – I liked baseball caps, leather and […]

The Trans 100 and International Transgender Visibility Day

By: Mallorie DeRiggi The 2nd Annual Trans 100 was held on Sunday, March 30 at Mayne Stage in Chicago featured by Orange is the New Black’s Laverne Cox serving as one of the night’s keynote speakers. The 2014 list features 100 trans and gender non-conforming people accomplishing positive work nationwide. It was broadcasted live via […]

How to Cope with Transgender Stress

Being transgender is hard. It is no surprise that transgender individuals experience a kind of stress that cisgender (those who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth) individuals do not. People who identify as transgender can and often do experience stigma, discrimination, violence, and internalized homophobia/transphobia. People who are transgender also are at […]

Road Tripping, Skinny Dipping and Other Lessons from the Philly Trans Health Conference

Last weekend I embarked upon a cross-country drive to the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference with a gang of fierce queer folks. Armed with road-grub, latex and queer novels, I excitedly stuffed myself into a friend’s Honda and headed out. The workshop line-up for the conference looked incredible, and I was prepared for my mind to be […]

How Do You Solve a Problem Like MichFest?

By Staci Robinson This article is a repost from The Qu I firmly believe in fighting for justice. I believe in educating and chipping away and making baby steps toward positive change. Iʼve seen change come from working within oppressive systems to topple them. But sometimes, that change just ainʼt gonna come and thereʼs only […]

Gender Identity Privilege

Last weekend, I attended the first annual “Trans 100” event at Mayne Stage Theater in Rogers Park, an amazing night in celebration and recognition of one hundred individuals across the country who are doing important work for the transgender community. And I cannot emphasize that last word enough – community. I am still feeling the […]

Women’s Health Should Mean All Women

My access to healthcare has become somewhat of a mixed bag. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive insurance under my family for twenty-four years. Dental, check-ups, and even braces. But ever since I came out as queer and then as a trans woman, services have been hard to come by, and added to that, even […]