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Kate Bornstein Interview

Last week, I got a chance to sit down and have a conversation with Kate Bornstein, a trans activist, lesbian, gender theorist, and creative writer. We talked about her upcoming performance at Center on Halsted in Chicago, her most recent book, the Misfits, and needing more sex in trans literature. So, tell me about your […]

Community Spotlight: KOKUMO and Trans Pride

I got a chance to catch up with KOKUMO, a fierce trans woman and art activist in Chicago, about Chicago’s first ever Trans Pride event, T.G.I.F. KOKUMO was recently recognized as one of Windy City Times’ “30 Under 30” and appeared on the cover of Red Eye’s July 9th story, “Gender Warriors.” So tell me […]

One Queer Roof Interview

Chicago queers are getting ready for a fantastic kick-off party for Pride week with a big number of the hottest dance parties all collaborating together. I got to sit down with Scott Cramer of Stardust at the Berlin Night Club and CULT, Lauren Widor the event coordinator, Andrew Hensley of A/S/L Media and CULT, and […]

Women’s Health Should Mean All Women

My access to healthcare has become somewhat of a mixed bag. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive insurance under my family for twenty-four years. Dental, check-ups, and even braces. But ever since I came out as queer and then as a trans woman, services have been hard to come by, and added to that, even […]

Michelle Tea Interview

The spoken word sensation Sister Spit is coming back to Chicago! Our town is lucky to have both Dorothy Allison and Mx. Justin Vivian Bond in one night! Other acts include writer and musician Brontez Purnell, performer and playwright Erin Markey, comic artist and writer Cassie J. Sneider, and slam poet Kit Yan. Also, don’t […]

Big Love in a Queer Life

Among the queer-identified community, many people opt in for polyamory. Yet many lesbians do not. Forget the U-haul jokes here, it’s just that it’s simply not commonplace for women to even consider it as a viable option. I see the identification of polyamory, or non-monogamy, like I see the identities of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, […]

The T Word and 5 Other Things You Should Not Say to Trans Women

It is unheard of in the life of a trans woman to never experience misgendering, judgment, cissexism¹, or transphobia in their lifetime. It just happens. In order to understand everything in a transgender perspective, there are certain basics that people have to get through. Creating this list is one of them. And holy moley, there’s […]

A Trans Dyke on Passing and Unwanted Privilege

Trigger warning: Transphobia and transmisogyny As I sit on my bed after a day’s work, I stare blankly into this fake piece of paper on my computer screen. How in the hell do I invite people into finding my identity, my reality, and myself in one article? And how do I do it without sounding […]