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Snow Days for Snow-Gays

(And Other Lovers of Queer Amusement) On these long, blustery days in which driving is hazardous and snuggling with fur-babies under warm covers is obligatory, what’s a queer to do all day? I have a few suggestions to help make your snow days profoundly gay. Don your fuzziest robe and curl up with one of […]

90’s TV Characters You Had a Crush On

Picture yourself as a baby queer, sitting on your parent’s (carpeted) living room floor, too close to the television screen, staring into the dreamy eyes of your secret crush. Your TV crush might have even been the first ‘whoa’ moment of queer attraction that you experienced. Television characters remained a safe distance from our real […]

Your Netflix Queue Just Got Gayer: OITNB & Other Lesbian TV Series

Lesbian television is having a moment folks. There are more Sapphic series and lesbian characters in mainstream programming than ever. Of course, many of these series are riddled with issues, presenting white-washed, palatable-for-the masses queerness. However, some of them are good, really good, and even the chaff is often entertaining. You can get your fill […]

The Top 7 Career Paths Pursued by Lesbians & Queer Girls

We all know that generalizations are incredibly accurate and not problematic in the least. So, here we go! My conclusions are supported by a tiny amount of empirical evidence, and primarily by my (clearly irrefutable) data gleaned from the people I’ve dated (not a small number, I was ambitious when I was single) and my […]

Road Tripping, Skinny Dipping and Other Lessons from the Philly Trans Health Conference

Last weekend I embarked upon a cross-country drive to the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference with a gang of fierce queer folks. Armed with road-grub, latex and queer novels, I excitedly stuffed myself into a friend’s Honda and headed out. The workshop line-up for the conference looked incredible, and I was prepared for my mind to be […]

Dyke-Approved Books You Should Read This Summer

By Cassandra Avenatti Summer is on the wind, and soon you’ll be sipping salt-rimmed concoctions on patios and beaches across the city. Sultry, lazy weather isn’t a reason to allow your lovely lady brains to turn to mush. These great queer reads will engage you, transport you to destinations you might not otherwise visit, and […]