Stand Up For Equality, New Web Series; Exploring A Same Sex Couple’s Wedding Journey

Stand-upBy Anthony Navarro

STAND UP FOR EQUALITY is proud to present, “The Wedding Project,” a behind the scenes look at a local, Chicago same sex couple on their wedding day. The STAND UP team documented Ashley & Erin’s experience of planning their wedding and captured footage of the special day.

The web docu-series interviews the couple on various topics from how they met, the roles that each of them play in their home and what the future may hold after their union. We explore the challenges that they faced as two women planning a wedding in Chicago; including having to explain to vendors and co-workers that they were each taking a wife! And we glimpse into their greatest hurdle of getting all family members on board with the union. With each episode, viewers gain more insight into the lives, hopes and dreams of Ashley and Erin and just how important marriage is to each of them.

The Wedding Project web series premiered on Tuesday January 29th, posted at, and the STAND UP Facebook Page and will follow with webisodes every Tuesday & Thursday. The series will conclude with the debut of their wedding on Valentine’s Day, along with a post-wedding interview about the couple’s entire experience.

Episode 1 – Who We Are and Where We Met!

Episode 3 – The Wedding Project


STAND UP is a platform for business professionals to unite and STAND UP for marriage equality.

We invite business professionals from all walks of life to participate by organizing their associations, corporations and work teams, to TAKE A STAND.

Through video and other creative forms of communication we hope to educate, enlighten, and illuminate. Changes to legislation which provide all the same rights and legal benefits of marriage, regardless of gender, is at the heart of the STAND UP mission.

By uniting in groups representing a multitude of industries we hope to show that no matter who you are, or what you do, it is time to STAND UP for marriage equality.

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