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Where to get protein from non meat sources

Attention all Vegbians! You could be missing a very important P from your life; Protein. Whether you excluded meat from your diet for moral, health or religious reasons, it is important to supplement that lack of protein in your diet. Protein is significant for many reasons. Adding protein to a meal leads to feeling fuller […]

Paddy Long’s Restaurant Review

1028 W Diversey Pkwy (Between Sheffield Ave & Kenmore Ave) Chicago, IL 60614 Neighborhood: Lakeview Paddy Long’s knows bacon. At Paddy’s – bacon isn’t a side dish; it’s the main course, and desert!!!! I went in to Paddy Long’s for the bacon and beer tasting. I’m sure most people would think “NO WAY!” But […]

Easy Enchilada Recipe

You can get them at any Mexican restaurant and you can even get them at the “not so Mexican” restaurants….. some are made with chicken….some are made with cheese. Others are made with potatoes, seafood or veggies….we are talking about the delectable Enchilada ladies!!! This is one delicious classic Mexican dish that you can make […]

Rockit Burger Bar

Rockit Burger Bar 3700 N Clark St (Between Waveland Ave & Racine Ave) Chicago, IL 60613 Neighborhood: Lakeview (773) 645-4400 Don’t take this the wrong way – but I’m a south sider. Hardcore die hard Sox Fan, who would never imagine myself in Wrigleyville for any reason. And then, one day, my girlfriend heard […]

Empanadas 101

An empanada is a pastry turnover that can be filled with almost anything your heart desires!!  You can fill this yummy pastry dough with chicken, beef, cheese, sweet fruits and even Nutella!!! Every tasty empanada starts with the dough.  You can buy the pastry discs already made from your frozen food section at most markets.   […]

Pequods Pizza

Lincoln Park Location 2207 N Clybourn Ave Chicago, IL 60614 Neighborhood: DePaul Morton Grove Location 8520 Fernald Ave (between Lincoln Ave & Capulina Ave) Morton Grove, IL 60053 Are you looking for Chicago style pizza? Look no further. Food Network voted Pequods the best Pizza in Illinois, and I agree. As you come up to […]

National Nutrition Month and its Importance for Queer Women

Eating right and getting the facts about how to maintain a healthy diet can be daunting. Everywhere we look, we are bombarded with messages about why we should be eating certain foods and “quick-fix” weight loss schemes. I’m sure you are familiar with the marketing plugs promoting low-carb meal options, antioxidant-filled beverages, free-range eggs, and […]

Beer and Wine Sense-ibility

This first ever blog comes from a recommendation from a friend who suggested I share some of my beer, wine, and pairing knowledge with readers from The L Stop. I am complimented yet nervous, but here goes. Before I go into tastings, pairings, and other wine/beer-related things – let’s start first with the basics, which […]


Ceviche (seh bee che) This is the perfect appetizer for any occasion!! Ceviche is very refreshing and full of flavor. It can be made in many ways  – but the traditional way is to use raw fish marinated in lime juice.  If you are going down that traditional path – you must make sure the […]

Mr. Browns Lounge

Mr. Browns Lounge 2301 West Chicago Avenue  Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 278-4445 Jamaican food, like most Caribbean islands is a fusion blend.  The influences in Jamaican cuisine include Arawak indigenous people  from Jamaica, Spanish, British, African and Chinese that at one point inhabited the island like most Caribbean islands. All of this hidden on […]