Rockit Burger Bar

Rockit Burger Bar
3700 N Clark St
(Between Waveland Ave & Racine Ave)
Chicago, IL 60613
Neighborhood: Lakeview
(773) 645-4400

Don’t take this the wrong way – but I’m a south sider. Hardcore die hard Sox Fan, who would never imagine myself in Wrigleyville for any reason. And then, one day, my girlfriend heard there was a great burger bar in Wrigleyville. MMMMM BURGERS…..

When we walked into the joint we noticed a very dimly lit interior – quite different from the sun that was glaring outside. The lay out of the place was awesome. The first room is a bar, stools and small tables. The second room has more of a restaurant feel with enough tables to fit larger parties. They even have a second floor and outside patio!

Since it was such a nice summery sunny day I immediately looked to the frosty beverages that were offered. The draft selection is phenomenal; I didn’t even have to give our server my usual beer snob snub. They have a craft beer menu you can clearly see so there is no need to grill your server on beer options. Our server also had her beer knowledge pimped and ready to share. (She must have sensed my snobby ways.)

Once I got my beer on I knew I had to get some food. I started with the ROCKIT POPPERS $8 breaded jalapeños stuffed with cheese and jalapeño aioli. They were so delicious, home made, and there definitely was extra love and attention put in these. They were crisp with out tasting burned and the cheese was creamy and not overwhelming. The Jalapeno aioli was fresh and stood on its own. I kept it close even after the poppers were devoured – just in case I had something else I needed to dip!!!

I ordered the TRUFFLE MUSHROOM BURGER ($12). This baby was made from Black Angus patty, gruyere, truffle crème fraiche and served with truffle fries. Um – they had me at the word truffle!!! Once I hear that word I go blind and deaf and I can’t do anything but await the truffley goodness. As expected, my burger arrived in great time. I want to say it looked amazing but I swear I blacked out when it landed on my table…I awoke to having half a burger in one hand and truffle fries in the other. Multitasking is what I do. The burger and fries were too good for words – outrageously delicious.

I honestly feel that the experience as a whole was really pleasant. Being a lesbian sometimes you want to avoid certain areas in Chicago to avoid looks or confusion. But I honestly did feel comfortable and more than welcome at Rockit Burger Bar. The manager and crew were outgoing and made us feel like one of the regulars.

Thank You! I can’t wait to come back!

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Nina is a Chicago native, of Puerto Rican decent. Four years ago she co founded Doll House, which is a weekly Lesbian night in Chicago. Nina is now running Doll House with a team of twelve people, and swears it’s been the best four years of her life. After 18 years of arroz con gandules, Nina decided to take on the city to see what the neighborhoods have to offer. Some people eat to live, and although she hates to admit it, she lives to eat. Spoiling herself with one, two…OK maybe four or five nights out a week. When Nina is not indulging in Chicago eats, you can find her with a colorbrush in her hand in a high end salon making Chicago more beautiful every day.


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