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Make a Tapas night bring the flare and taste of Spain right to your home

Tapas are a staple of Spain in its most basic form these are a small snack or appetizer served with a drink or two for lunch or early evening. Its more a way of eating rather then cooking, sociability, friends and family. The Spanish will rarely drink with out eating you can also look  back […]

A Mexican BBQ Recipe

Summer will be over before you know it, so take advantage of it…..BARBEQUE!!! Get away from traditional burgers and hot dogs and try something different by adding some Mexican flare to your summer menu!!! Have some carne asada, guacamole and salsa and enjoy the flavors of a traditional Mexican BBQ!! After the party in your […]

Easy Enchilada Recipe

You can get them at any Mexican restaurant and you can even get them at the “not so Mexican” restaurants….. some are made with chicken….some are made with cheese. Others are made with potatoes, seafood or veggies….we are talking about the delectable Enchilada ladies!!! This is one delicious classic Mexican dish that you can make […]

Empanadas 101

An empanada is a pastry turnover that can be filled with almost anything your heart desires!!  You can fill this yummy pastry dough with chicken, beef, cheese, sweet fruits and even Nutella!!! Every tasty empanada starts with the dough.  You can buy the pastry discs already made from your frozen food section at most markets.   […]


Ceviche (seh bee che) This is the perfect appetizer for any occasion!! Ceviche is very refreshing and full of flavor. It can be made in many ways  – but the traditional way is to use raw fish marinated in lime juice.  If you are going down that traditional path – you must make sure the […]

Ropa Vieja Recipe

Valentines day is near, if you have a special someone time to start planning. What will you do? Flowers, candy, take her out on a special date, all great ideas but done and done! Time to clean up your place! Cook her dinner! Imagine you blind fold her, pick her up take her  to your […]

White Bean Chili Verde

Winter is finally here, and its the perfect time for soul warming comfort food, hot chocolate, and soups. Apart from the warmth a soup provides I also like a kick for extra heat so what better then chili to satisfy. White bean chili verde is the perfect candidate and apart from delicious its also healthy. […]

Holiday Rescue Kit

So….You’re not ready for Christmas or New Year’s Eve?  Are you hosting a party? Are you feeling over whelmed? Holidays can be stressful when you’re the host. You have to worry about decor for the house, food for your guests and all those gifts and the list goes on and on. Well – stress no […]

Lipstick In The Kitchen – Soups On!

Healthy comfort food for those chilly nights!! Cuddle up on the couch with a good movie a warm blanket and a hearty hot bowl of soup to warm the soul. This soup is filling, flavorful and healthy. As the days get colder while fall sets in, and the beautiful colors start to pop up we […]

Lipstick in the Kitchen – Budunkadunk bye bye

I know all too well how hard it is to loose weight to maintain healthy eating habits when temptation is all around us. For me it’s been a lifelong struggle since I can remember I was always the chunky kid in class, got teased, and always picked last in gym Wah! Wah! Wah!  In fourth […]