Easy Enchilada Recipe

You can get them at any Mexican restaurant and you can even get them at the “not so Mexican” restaurants….. some are made with chicken….some are made with cheese. Others are made with potatoes, seafood or veggies….we are talking about the delectable Enchilada ladies!!!

This is one delicious classic Mexican dish that you can make them at home! Enchiladas are a Mexican staple that are served in just about every traditional Mexican household. They originated in Mexico where the practice of rolling tortillas around with other food dates back to Mayan times. Enchiladas became even more popular when they were mentioned in the first Mexican cookbook “The Mexican Chef” published in 1831. You can make a variety of sauces to cover your corn disc creations – from mole to salsa verde, from sweet to spicy. You can let your taste and imagination run free here.

Here is one simple version:


3-Chile Pasilla
4-Chile ancho
2-small tomatoes
1//4-white onion
1-clove garlic
Salt to taste

Put all your ingredients (except for the salt) in a deep pot with water and bring to a boil. Boil for about 10 minutes. Drain the water and then blend your ingredients in a blender to liquefy. Add salt accordingly to your taste. Throw into a bowl and set aside.

Other ingredients:

1-dozen corn tortillas
Sour cream
Queso fresco

Let’s make Enchiladas!!!

Set a sauce pan with a little vegetable oil on medium heat, take your tortillas and heat up in the oil without making them too crispy. Warm up as many tortillas as you need and once they all are warmed up – take them and dip them in the chili sauce. Place on a plate and fill with your filling (in this case we’re using queso fresco), roll up your tortillas. You have made Enchiladas!!!

Once all are rolled you can garnish with lettuce, sour cream, and more crumbled cheese on top…


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