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Non-Profit Spotlight- Affinity Community Services

When I think about the local resources and organizations that are vital to the Chicago LGBTQ community, there are a few that always come to mind. One of those that immediately strikes me is Affinity Community Services; the South Side based social justice organization that works with and on behalf of black LGBTQ communities, queer […]

Community Spotlight: Tracy Baim of Windy City Times and Co-Producer of “Scrooge and Marley”

Though you may not recognize Tracy Baim right off the bat, this Chicago great has been an integral part of the Chicago LGBTQ community for decades, and chances are that you have read something she has penned, heard her voice on Public Radio or picked up a copy of the publication she co-founded in 1985. […]

The L Stop reaches half a million page views

From hosting impromptu flippy-cup competitions at Back Lot Bash to interviews with Melissa Etheridge, we at The L Stop are proud of all the ground we have covered and memories we have made over the last 18 months. We are doubly pleased to announce that today, November 15, 2012 we have officially hit 500,000 page […]

Why you should vote this Election 2012: The Numbers

With just a few hours before the presidential election it seems as though we have fallen into the exhaustion that is only natural after months of political ads, debate inspired tumbr accounts and call after fundraising call. At this point, the number of voters who are undecided is small, especially among the audience for which […]

Local and National Voting Resources

So you have gotten yourself all registered to vote and do your civic duty and you roll up to the polling place on Tuesday November 6th and BAM the ballot is like 3 pages long before you even GET to the Presidency. Whether you stay away from politics until the election or spend your days […]

Binders full of Women and other STFU moments of Romney’s campaign: a recap

“I’m not familiar precisely with what I said, but I’ll stand by what I said, whatever it was.” —Mitt Romney (May 17, 2012) As a public official, every single word muttered is at risk of widespread criticism. As a public official running for national office, you can be sure that thinking before speaking is the […]

LPAC is a first of its kind, values-based, lesbian political action committee

Fundraising. One of the most nagging aspects of a political campaign yet sadly, one of the most important and essential to victory in today’s political climate. With past laws placing limits on certain entities and their contributions with aims at lessening the relation between funds and outcome (and bribery), a federal court case in 2010 […]

Born This Way—L Stop baby dykes brought to life

As the summer cools down and political climate heats up, we are hearing a lot on the news about gay rights and our fight for equality. What we’ve earned or what should be. It got us thinking, we don’t need to “earn” anything! This isn’t new. Like Gaga said, we were born this way. It […]

Presidential Run-off Synopsis: Debate Dates, Chicago Voting Schedules, and Scary Facts Just For You

On the heels of a long hot summer, the 2012 Presidential race is only beginning to heat up. With only two months left until the November 6th elections, candidates and their eager supporters, as well as their over-zealous opponents, are buckling down for a showdown. The result of which will serve as a testimony towards […]

Nonprofit Spotlight: The Center on Halsted: Women’s Action Committee

The Center on Halsted has long been known as a multi-faceted and extremely useful resource to Chicagoland’s LGBT community. The diversity of the programming offered at the Center is quite astonishing- from the youth and senior programs to the mental health and HIV/AIDS services. As a result, the amount of people that utilize the services […]