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So you have gotten yourself all registered to vote and do your civic duty and you roll up to the polling place on Tuesday November 6th and BAM the ballot is like 3 pages long before you even GET to the Presidency. Whether you stay away from politics until the election or spend your days perusing Huffpo and watching debates, chances are there are lots of names on that ballot that you have never seen before. If checking the “All Democrat” box doesn’t do it for ya, check out these organizations and other resources below- remember, you can take a sheet of paper with you into the polling place— ain’t no shame in an accurate vote!


Windy City Times – website

The Windy City Times– Chicago’s leading LGBTQ publication publishes a go-to General Election Guide, including a “Guide to Gays.” Their guide shows organizational ratings from everything from Personal PAC to the different Bar Associations. This is a pretty comprehensive guide that leaves you to make the decision among the qualified, and not so suitable for office.

Equality Illinois PAC – website

Organizationally, Equality Illinois is my go-to for endorsements, donations and volunteer work. Because they are so focused on the state level and work with these politicians on a daily basis, they know what’s up. Check it out.

Independent Voters of Illinois–Independent Precinct Organization – website

The IVI-IPO has been compiling lists of qualified candidates for a while, and has it down to a science. Literally. Each person who submits to being a candidate in any capacity gets a questionnaire sent out, and their response to that questionnaire (as well as to interviews) gets tallied up. This creates a comprehensive list of each politician’s stances on major issues, not just LGBTQ issues (although that is a part of it). This is a great resource if, like “democrat”, voting entirely based on LGBTQ issue’s isn’t in your comfort box either.

Committeewoman Carol Ronen – website

Former Representative and State Senator to the Northside of Chicago, Carol Ronen is one of the most awesome, badass women I know. She has listed her endorsements for this election, and I couldn’t agree more. At the bottom, she also gives you the breakdown of the different referendums that will be on the ballot this year.


HRC – website

You can peruse HRC’s entire election section for specific news and breakdowns of each state, but for the general election guide, check out their endorsed candidates. On their website you can also find their Congressional Scorecard, which rates members of Congress based on their actions in LGBTQ related measures.

Planned Parenthood – website

Our link takes you to the IL page, but you can search “Planned Parenthood Endorsements” and you will find the local endorsements of your Planned Parenthood. Vote like your vagina depends on it- mine does….

Your local Democratic Party

If, for some reason, our list doesn’t provide you with all the knowledge you need to feel comfortable voting, search “(your state or county) Democratic endorsements” and you will hopefully find yourself a perfect little hub for everything you need to worry about this year.

Happy Voting all! If you have a site that you have found helpful- feel free to post in the comments section. Cheers!

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