Born This Way—L Stop baby dykes brought to life

As the summer cools down and political climate heats up, we are hearing a lot on the news about gay rights and our fight for equality. What we’ve earned or what should be. It got us thinking, we don’t need to “earn” anything! This isn’t new. Like Gaga said, we were born this way. It maybe came in a mullet for some of us, perhaps a super femme-y skirt for others…but all of us just, you know, are who we have always been. So we dug up some pictures to prove it.

Team members pictured below:

Bethany, Lauren, Vivian, Kathy, Alma, Nina, Tina, Karen, Val, Dawn, Leah, Nancy, Brooke, Angelique



Here I am in those precious developing years…. By the looks of the dirty kneed tights, backward painters cap and of course killer shades, Clarissa (as in, explains it all) didn’t have shit on this babydyke. If the suspenders didn’t do it for ya, maybe these photos that we dug up of our own L Stop Staff will give you a little idea of our roots…. Back when Birkenstocks were just “really good quality shoes”. See if you can match these mugs from the past to our writers- I don’t think you will be too surprised!!!!


This baby dyke has been down for YEARS- always first to get her hands dirty… Just look at the look in her eyes- I bet you ten dollars she jumped out of that chair and reveled in the flock of girls that she could chase around— all thanks to a little finger paint..



This L stopper is an OG- Original Gaygirl… I couldn’t pick just one of the photos that I saw of this bombshell pre-St.Baldrick’s inspired shave. If the crochet vest doesn’t get you going, just look and that sexy softballer. That hair and those pinstripe pants- hot!!!


Speaking of Sporty Spice, this writer hammed it up for the ladies without even knowing it—look at that mug, charmin’ well before the L Word was even conceived.


I will give you one guess. ONE EFFIN GUESS who this is. And 5 seconds. Seriously.


Before dykemarch, Marketdays and galas, this activist was doing her thang at the ripe age of Kinder. “But mooooom, its so hard to have FUN in tightssss” Girl, we know.


Hahahaha-awww… But really— this lil’lez is looking like she is going to kick some ass… Perhaps the person who gave her that haircut?


Dressed in her Sunday best, this feisty femme was not shy—not much different from today where she steals the spotlight and works the room with that confidence she was born with.


This girl. This woman. All I can say, is this Dyke on a Bike was wearin leather boots and chaps on the bigwheel- just getting ready for that future Harley.


This preciosa turned into an amazing singer and teacher, and is throwing down in the kitchen as we speak.


Fierce from Day 1, this social media specialist took control and worked it. The bow, the camera and the room to be sure.


Born in a pool of glitter, this baby was made for the camera- and continues to serve as a nucleus to the Friday night lesbian community.


Hair, check. Nails, check. Killer skin, check. High maintenance femme in training.


“Who, me?” Looking like she just got caught in some kind of debauchery at the young age of infant, this little bundle of trouble is well… Just about the same, winning you (and her innocence) with those wide eyes.



1.Lauren 2.Tina 3.Karen 4.Bethany 5.Vivian 6.Dawn 7.Leah 8.Val 9.Kathy 10.Nancy 11.Brooke 12.Nina 13.Angelique 14.Alma


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Lauren was born and raised in South Minneapolis and like many other innocent midwesterners got sucked into the black hole of Chicago politics 4 years ago. As the LGBT Coordinator for the Gery Chico for Mayor Campaign she attempted to take on the entire city and hasn’t looked back since. Now working for a communications firm, she spends her extra time running around with cases of PBR playing in different sports leagues, hosting couchsurfers from all over the place, and deciding how she is going to change the world. A simple lady at her core, she has decided that the first person to send her an edible arrangement must be the one.


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  1. #12 I recognize that HEAD anywhere!!! its baby NINA!

    Posted by Kat Whoo | October 3, 2012, 3:08 pm

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