Mimi Gonzalez Does GO GIRL in Saugatuck

mimi_gonzalezI have been to the desert and rocked the Dinah. I have been to the tropics and survived Aqua Girl. I have traveled east, west, north and south to experience girls and more girls doing the girl party weekend thing. I have the frequent flyer miles to prove it.

I started to wonder ­ why did the chicks from the midwest have to suffer the TSA lines just to experience a Lesbian Weekend Party? When would someone bring the party to our neighborhood?? My dilemma is over our prayers have been answered ­ GO GIRL SAUGATUCK! ­ brought to you by the amazing Mimi Gonzalez is yours for the taking!! Go on line ­ get your tickets ­ be a part of the fun!

Mimi took some time out from her busy schedule to talk to The L Stop about her childhood, career and plans for GO GIRL SAUGATUCK!

TLS: Where did you grow up?

MG: A suburb in Detroit ­ downriver is the name of the area ­ formed my early Catholic school upbringing and love of cars. My single parent was an Italian mother who made me a bad ass with a high pain threshold. This is why I lived so long without health care. Her bedside manner was usually one edict, “You’re not bleeding to death, get over it.” My father was a stereotypical Cuban man, he was married ten times. Yeah. That happens. He made seven children and only one’s a female. I don’t know if I truly love women or it’s my dad trying to get more of them through me.

TLS: What led you to comedy? Comedic influences?

MG: Catholicism had a major impact in steering me down the comedy line. The nuns were attractive and I didn’t know that’s what I was feeling. In a typical “getting the love you want” display, I acted out, joked in class constantly and wouldn’t shut up. They knew my name. So did the principal. All I wanted to do was laugh and it must’ve been the Catholic school because my holy trinity became Lucy, Carol and Lily. I wrote that once in a program for a performance in LA and Lily saw it. Naturally, I had no jokes in front of God. But she said it really touched her. And she’s a Detroit girl too!

TLS: Tell me about the weekend of June 3, 4 and 5.

MG: Palm Springs has the Dinah and Miami’s got Aqua Girl. There are GayDays in Orlando and both Key West and Provincetown have Women’s Weeks/Weekends. I’ve worked all of them as a stand­up comic. It’s time for a big women’s weekend in the Midwest. We’ve got a coast…on fresh water! We’ve got the fire of sisterhood and the groove of Detroit’s music and Chicago’s DJ All the Way Kay. Go Girl Saugatuck! is going to offer something for everyone. Entertainment, dancing, pool parties, camping, glamping or hoteling it. Women are coming from Michigan to Ohio to Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. What a great way to meet someone: in the flesh or on the dance floor. It’s so much more fun than swiping right.

TLS: Where does the drive come from to put this type of event together?

MG: When I lived in LA, I produced a weekly women’s comedy show called, “Women with Balls.” It was a booked open mic that some big names came to. It wasn’t a bringer show and it happened in the legendary Little Frida’s coffee shop. The performers loved it because the audience was usually lesbian and hence, respectful of women on stage. Every year, for three years running, our anniversary show was the LA Weekly pick of the week.

Comedy kept me on the road for 46 weeks a year and I kept that pace up for about eight years, six of those include full­season runs in Ptown. I’ve traveled the world through entertaining the troops from Japan to Afghanistan and through Olivia Women’s Travel company. I don’t need to be on the road for all but six weeks a year. It’s time to expand into something else and producing this event is giving me an opportunity to bring the best of the events I’ve been a part of to my community of Midwest women.

TLS: What do you hope to create with Go Girl?

MG: Go Girl Saugatuck! Rebrands a women’s weekend at a men’s resort. A lot LGBT folks know the Dunes and the men who run it are absolutely fabulous to deal with. They’re the ones who created a women’s weekend, two a year even and maintained it for decades. After a while though, the interest tapered off and the guys recognized the weekend needed a woman’s touch. It’s one of those things where I was finally in the right place at the right time to pull on my producer panties and make this happen. I envision something like the national events I’ve mentioned. I want this to grow to a thousand women and to have to book every room in a twenty­mile radius and to rent a huge stage and have lots of women musicians and comics. I want more workshops that give women additional options during their party weekend like writing and movement and awareness and exposure to each other. We used to call that networking, what is it now? From cruising to camping, I want it to be a blend of women’s festival conscientious lesbians and new­ school queers intersecting on a dance floor and having a great time together.

TLS: Why should women make it a point to get their asses to Michigan?

MG: Because now the women’s weekend is being run by a woman at a resort their gay brothers have cherished for years. Women should really come to Go Girl Saugatuck! because of the other women!

After meeting with Mimi it is evident that heart and soul go into everything she does creatively. Check out the links below to learn more about Mimi and GO GIRL SAUGATUCK! Time to bring the party home ladies!

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