Be a Part of Invisible Femmes: Our Stories!

Invisible-FemmesToday marks the two year anniversary of one of the most read articles on The L Stop, Invisible Femmes.  If you haven’t read it yet, check it out!  Then make sure to come back here and find out how you can share your story for the upcoming book Invisible Femmes: Our Stories.  First, let me explain what I mean by femme.  Femme does NOT mean that you always have to leave the house in heels with your makeup done (though such femmes are certainly included)!  This new definition of femme simply means that you are not straight, but are often mistaken for straight by either heteros or even your own LGBT family because of your appearance.  Femmes have many different styles!  Think cute sporty girl, girl next door, and of course the lovelies who rock their heels and dresses.

This new book is going to include personal stories from femmes around the world!  Your story could even appear in the book!  Have you ever felt like you had to change how you dressed when moved to a new town because all of the cute girls thought you were straight?  Have you ever been out with your girlfriend and had to convince someone that you were actually in a real relationship…with a woman? Have you ever eyed a girl from across the room only to feel like she thought you were some weirdo with a staring problem?  But in reality you were just trying to make eye contact because you were interested in getting to know her.  Sigh…the challenges of appearing femme.  If you have a story like this, or another interesting tale to tell about why femme invisibility can be downright frustrating, please share your story!  You can submit a story online at  You could help femmes around the world feel less alone and possibly make them laugh because, yeah they can totally relate!

This book will be a way for femmes, and all those who love them, to get a peek into what it feels like to walk around wishing it were appropriate to tattoo “I love the ladies” across your forehead.  So make sure to submit your personal invisible femme story and follow @InvisibleFemmes for updates.

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Dawn is a Chicago area native and loves the city she calls home. With a strong passion for both the field of psychology and LGBT issues, she strives to combine the two through gender and sexuality research. As the Women’s Outreach Chair for the Illinois chapter of the Human Rights Campaign she reaches out to the lesbian community to further their involvement in the fight for equality. Whether putting on fundraisers or spreading the word about equality at local festivals, she is always thinking of new ways to serve the LGBT community. When not doing research or fighting for equal rights, she loves to take long walks around the city, enjoy the street festivals, go camping, and hunt for the best Persian food in Chicago!


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  1. Message for Dawn (psychologist):

    May I please ask whether a woman wearing a ring on her left middle finger indicates she is a lesbian or femme bi?

    And locking eyes at another woman : the long eye contact which caused the pupils to dilate, does that also indicate she is either lesbian or bi?

    Thank you in anticipation


    Posted by Beth | February 4, 2015, 7:47 am

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