The L Stop reaches half a million page views

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From hosting impromptu flippy-cup competitions at Back Lot Bash to interviews with Melissa Etheridge, we at The L Stop are proud of all the ground we have covered and memories we have made over the last 18 months. We are doubly pleased to announce that today, November 15, 2012 we have officially hit 500,000 page views!!! As much I like to think that our little yet ambitious team single-handedly recruited each of the page views, we could have not done it without your social media shares, your interest in our themed Friday nights at Parlour on Clark or the temporary tats you all sported at Pride.

Below are the TOP TEN articles of our short and sweet history- check them out, share them with friends and stick with us to see some of the surprises we have in store for the next milestone!!!!

The Best Lesbian Movies Ever Made

This piece (yes, another Top 10) has stayed at the top since we put our heads together to compile a comprehensive list of the best of the best (in our humble opinions) lezzy, boob filled, make you sob movies. Perfect material for the long winter ahead!

Most Eligible Queer Bachelorette Contest

Hey Laaaadiesss! (Cue Beastie Boys cowbell). Our first ever Most Eligible Queer Bachelorette contest brought women from all over the place checking out our featured cuties. Recently single? Always single? Just like to drool at gorgeous women? Stay tuned for a Round 2!

Effing Dykes Blog

This writer is a monster all on her own- Krista Burton, writer extraordinaire (and fellow Minnesotan like me) joined our team with the already acclaimed “Effing Dykes” Blog. We are so lucky to have her snarky wit, hilarious stories and, (of course) her pictures to share with all of you!

Invisible Femmes 

Dawn Brown brought us an amazing article discussing the difficulties that are faced by Lesbians who are considered “femme” both within and outside of the LGBTQ community. It’s a great insight to an issue that deserves so much more discussion- educate yourselves ladies…then go flirt with the girl with painted nails and heels at T’s.

Top Ten Chicago Lesbians to Look Out for in 2012

Another contest in our archives, the Top Ten Chicago Lesbians to Look Out For in 2012 is a showcase of movers, shakers and game changers who are kicking ass this year. From the neighborhood Gyno to up-and-coming artists, to our future politicians, these women will have made significant waves by 2013.

The (Really Dumb) Questions Heteros Ask Lesbians

Casey is hilarious. Just read this article. In no way can I do it any justice with a random quote.

Stye = 1, Tamale = 2

In one of our first articles posted to the site in May of 2011, Miss Tamale, badass comedian and dyke on bike to the stars, talks about a Stye that has a life of its own. Hi-larious.

Civil Union FAQs

This one is self explanatory- you have a question about Civil Unions in Illinois? Click the link. Boom. Information at your fingertips.

10 Hottest Female Olympic Athletes

Can I get a giggity?! (That was for you, Mitrano) HOW do most of these women have ‘neked pictures!? I don’t know. And I don’t care. Just don’t forget to read the text, k?

A Trans Dyke on Passing and Unwanted Privilege

Check out Dee’s story. I can’t paraphrase past the title- a vital bit of insight to our community…so get in there already!

Come celebrate with us at the final L Stop themed Friday at Parlour THIS FRIDAY…it’s Janet Jackson, baby, and we’ve got a spot just waiting for you in our big ol’ Rainbow Rhythm Nation. Combat clothing optional, booty shaking required.

Event Details
Artist Showcase: Janet Jackson
Friday, November 16, 2012
9pm-2am / No Cover
Parlour On Clark
6341 N Clark St.
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  1. has been an awesome ride my friends – and look at that picture – little Guzman – DLO – Nessa and Joe Joe rocking the PRIDE parade – I could not be more blessed… 🙂

    Posted by k guz | November 16, 2012, 12:00 pm

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