23 Cheap Summer Date Ideas

DateIdeasAs the weather gets nicer we begin to liberate our feet with flip flops, open the windows to circulate the fresh air and make our way out of the months-long seclusion known as winter. From cozy nights filled with wine and board games we get ready for summer’s endless list of festivals, long weekends, Barbecues and virtually any other excuse to spend every opportunity soaking in the friends, the adventures and the season that keeps us hopeful through the long winters. Because it seems like there is no such thing as a “work night” the summer we spend every night- and every extra penny- on the sheer happiness that is brought by being on a patio with cold drinks and good friends… Take a night or two off from baseball games or bar hopping, grab a special lady and try out some of our cheap date ideas that will keep you enjoying what the season has to offer without breaking the bank!

Farmers Market

1. Go to a farmers market– spend a couple of hours tasting, smelling and chatting with local farmers- grab some seasonal produce or artisanal baked goodies and find somewhere nice to squat for an impromptu brunch.

2. Do some research and find a good night for a “Movie in the Park”- pack up some cocktails and some homemade popcorn and enjoy a movie under the stars.

3. Go on a long walk around a new neighborhood- find a few bars with specials and patios and take in the epic summer people watching.

4. Pack a picnic and a Frisbee- pick somewhere with a view.

5. Take a bike ride across town for your favorite hole in the wall taqueria, sushi joint or BBQ.

6. Find a county fair.

7. Spend the afternoon at the beach- make sure you are stocked up with libations, munchies, sunscreen and some tunes so you never have to leave your area.

TooWhite8. Catch your favorite summertime cover band (Too White Crew, anyone?) at a neighborhood festival.

9. Go skinny dipping.

10. Check out a flea market.

11. Make a pitcher of Ice Tea- or Sangria- and find a shady spot to play board games.

12. Go berry picking.

13. Find a body of water with live music nearby.

14. Buy a tye dye kit and experiment with some old T-shirts.

15. Go to a real ice cream parlor for sundaes.

16. Get a Groupon for something you would otherwise never do- from activities to a Turkish dinner make it an experience.


This is a great space to lay around at!

17. Spread out in a green space with magazines, cards and a little cooler and spend the afternoon rotating between naps, crosswords and cloud watching.

18. Spend the day at an art fair.

19. Go on a brewery tour.

20. Volunteer at a beer tent- anywhere.

21. Explore a Japanese rock garden.

22. Fly a kite!

23. Close the shades, turn up the AC, watch some movies and let your liver recover.

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