An Interview with Sam Hamilton about CMSA Women’s Soccer

SoccerIf there is one thing I know for sure about Sam Hamilton – it is that she LOVES CMSA.  Her passion and dedication show year after year in her commitment to spreading the word about the organization and her support for women in sports.  If you have ever attended the CMSA Woman’s Social Party – you know exactly what I am referring to.  I caught up with Sami to talk about her latest project with CMSA.

The L Stop: Tell me about your passion for CMSA Women’s Soccer:

SAMI: I have passion for our LGBTQ community and wanted to give back to CMSA – largely due to all of the great experiences I have had with the organization over the past 10 years.   I don’t play soccer myself – but I know how to network and build a great team.  I have an amazing support system and have utilized their knowledge and soccer expertise to put this whole thing together.

A little history about how soccer started with CMSA….My friends wanted me to start an all Women’s Dodge Ball League in 2007.  Then they were talking about a Women’s Basketball League in 2010.  I started the leagues with the help of many people and I am really proud to say that these women’s sports are now part of CMSA.  Women’s Dodge Ball is now successfully run by Jack Nielsen and Women’s Basketball is run by Grete Hornstrom.   As for women’s soccer it has had a lot of ups and downs.  I see such huge potential and interest – so I decided to try and revive the league.   We have over 50 new female players!!!   With over 80 active players from the last season it really is a no brainer that it has huge potential for success.

Soccer has a unique community of female players, there are not a lot of local leagues out there. I feel that CMSA has the best resources for marketing this league.    With over 4000 members (1500 that are female) I plan to take full advantage of the leverage that CMSA have to offer.

I also have an amazing group working with me – Laura Lenhart, Maureen Macpherson and Laura Statesir.  These women are eager to help out and be there from registration to championship game.  It feels good working with such a dedicated and professional team.

The L Stop: What are your long term goals for CMSA Women’s Soccer?

SAMI: We want to make this league a huge success and I will continue to use my experience with CMSA to help make that happen.   Our goal is to make it the best in Chicago.  I wanted to establish a league where women can have a good time playing the sports they love and simultaneously network with others in the LGBTQ community.

Here is a link to more information and registration details:

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The L Stop: How long is the season and where do you play?

SAMI: The season is 9 weeks and it runs from September 7th through November 2nd.  We will be playing at Clarendon Park (corner of Montrose and Marine Drive) on Saturdays from 9am until 12pm.

**If you have any questions please contact Sam Hamilton, CMSA Women’s Soccer Commissioner at:

**To learn more about Sam Hamilton and her work with CMSA – follow this link:

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