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10 Hottest Female Olympic Athletes

With the advent of ESPN’s Body Issue as well as the numerous swimsuit editions from past years, we have all wondered who truly ranks as the “Hottest” female athlete out there. As such, The L Stop decided to quantify that question by conducting a survey. The requirements were simple: the athletes had to be a […]

10 Must See Female Athletes in the 2012 Olympics

In doing research on the 2012 Olympics, I found that I was overwhelming impressed with the sheer number of athletes out there. As such, I wanted to put together a list of athletes whose accomplishments are unparalleled in many cases and are definitely not given as much of the spotlight as some of their fellow […]

Garden of Eve: A Party Supporting an Amazing Cause

On September 14, 2012, I know exactly where I will be. I will be at the River East Art Center having an amazing time at Howard Brown Health Center’s event, Garden of Eve, which supports the Lesbian Community Care Project (LCCP.) You may wonder how I can be so sure of where I will be […]

Brutality in Sports: When does it stop?

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite times of year began. This is the time where as a Chicagoan we bubble over with glee knowing that we have the opportunity to see all of our favorite teams in action. Whether it’s the beginning of baseball season, hockey/basketball playoff games, the football draft, and finally […]