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DannyThere is a new option for keeping your summer fitness routine going strong.  Find your way to Danny’s Bootcamp at 5920 N Ridge (corner of Ridge and Clark) for a welcoming environment and a kickass workout!  The L Stop caught up with personal trainer and motivational guru Danny Sciortino to learn more about his program.

TLS: Where are you originally from and tell me a little about your childhood.

DS: I am from Addison, Illinois and moved to Chicago about 12 years ago.  I am from a family of 6 kids.  I am actually a triplet – the third born.  I had a great childhood.  My father passed away when I was 13 from complications with Cardiomyopathy.  It runs in my family and I knew I wanted to create a “better” me.

TLS: Tell me when you first got interested in fitness.

DS: I was never into sports but played football.  I was always chunky or “husky” until I started working out. I really got into it when I started working out in high school, but didn’t really fall in love with the gym until college.  I realized the beauty of the gym and music together and it kept me motivated.

Danny2TLS: What motivated you to want to train others?

DS: I’ve always loved helping people (I work full time as a teacher) and nurturing them to create great results.  I dabble in landscaping as well.  I just love being a positive motivation for people.  One of my first clients needed to get his blood pressure down and shape up.  After our training sessions together, his weight decreased, blood pressure improved and overall well being just soared.  It made me realize more than ever how important it was that I continue on this path of wellness and training others.

TLS: What sort of certifications do you have?

DS: I am certified through NESTA in speed and agility / Insanity Certified / Nike Training Club Certified.

TLS: Do you have long term goals for Danny’s Bootcamp?

DS: I want to continue to motivate people and someday do this full time.  I want to have a place where all people can go – feel welcome and know they will get a rewarding and life changing workout.

Danny3TLS: When and where can people work out with you?

DS: Right now I am training people every Thursday night at 7pm.  The demand is growing and it looks like I will probably have a Monday night class starting in December as well.  Anyone can give me a call or send me an email – I want to get the word out – come to Danny’s Bootcamp for an amazing and life changing workout.   I am located at 5920 N Ridge (corner of Ridge and Clark) / call – 312-388-6566 / email – /

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