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Dana Goldberg Does Chicago

dana_goldbergSometimes without even knowing a person you can be pretty sure you know a person Dana Goldberg gives that kind of first impression. If you have not experienced her unique style and performance energy – you have to be sure to catch her while she is in Chicago. My good friend Fawz set me up with this interview and in turn I am setting you up with all the tools you need to get out to Berlin on September 24th to laugh your asses off!!

GUZ: Tell me about your show at Berlin on 9/24:

DANA: I’m so looking forward to getting back to Chicago. Last time I was there was almost exactly a year

to the day. I was there competing in the Advocate’s National Comedy competition. My show at Berlin is

part of my “Crossing the Line” tour. Since Chicago has never seen my long show, I’m really excited about

it. I get to pull out all the punches. There’s so much talent in that city so I’m really excited to have Adam

Guerino, Fawzia Mirza and Tamale Sepp doing guest spots in the show. Should be a fun night, I’m sure

at some point we’ll need bail money, and I’ll definitely be enjoying a bourbon after the show.

GUZ: Do you get to spend a lot of time in Chicago? Have a favorite neighborhood or


DANA: I actually haven’t spent a lot of time in Chicago so I’m not THAT familiar with the areas. I love

Millennium Park so I’m sure I’ll make my way over there. I’ve got some great friends in the area so I know

I’m in good hands. I’m open to suggestions so if any of your readers have ideas, send them over!

GUZ: I was honored to present Jennifer Beals with the Ally for Equality Award in Chicago two

years ago for HRC – was an amazing night. What is your association with HRC and how do you

feel about hosting this year in Chicago?

DANA: Those nights really are amazing aren’t they? I’ve been working with HRC since 2009. I have done

everything from headlining comedy nights to doing live auctions in front of 3500 people at the National

Dinner in DC. That’s more of what I’ll be doing in Chicago this year. I’ll get to do a little comedy, but I’ll be

running the live auction from stage. It’s very surreal at times. I get to go on stage before and after people

like President Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Alfred Molina, John Lithgow and so many others. I am very

proud to have helped to raise almost 2 Million dollars for the organization. We’ve come so far in the last

few years as a community and I look forward to seeing more progress.

GUZ: What are your thoughts on the passing of the incredible Robin Williams and the always

fabulous Joan Rivers? (Back in the day I saw Joan with David Brenner – way back in the day –

still remember my face hurt from smiling so hard):

DANA: Two words: Heart Breaking. I’ll be honest that Robin’s death hit me very hard, harder than I

thought it would. I grew on him. So many of us did. He was one of the most brilliant comedians and actors

of his time, and I think his death shocked the world. I still tear up when I see photos of him. In almost

every interview I’ve ever done, when asked who I admire, Robin was always top of the list. Was sad to

lose David Brenner this year in addition to Robin and Joan. He was such a great guy, very influential in

my life as well. They will all be greatly missed but luckily their talent will echo on in our industry for years

to come.

GUZ: Where are you heading from here? Highlights in the coming months?:

DANA: After Chicago I’ll be heading back to LA for a New York minute. October will be some shows in

the Ohio area and I’ll be heading back to the east coast. In November I’ll have the pleasure of hosting the

Black Tie Gala in Dallas on November 15th and then head to St. Louis to join the HRC at their annual

Gala. More cities are being added each week so it’s going to be a busy fall. I’m looking forward to it.

GUZ: Still afraid of spiders??

DANA: YES! And I don’t know if it’s global warming or just evolution but I feel like those little fuckers are

bigger than ever.

GUZ: What is on your bucket list?

DANA: Riding a bike through the vineyards of Italy, taking cooking classes in between to sober up. I want

to hike the Grand Canyon and see the Northern Lights. For my comedy bucket list? Would love to have

my own HBO special, a lead in a sit-com, and be able to sell out any theater in this country. First I’ll start

with taking over Berlin on September 24th. Baby steps.

Wednesday September 24th 2014 8PM




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