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hybridsI met her couple of years ago outside of the infamous Parlour on Clark after an exceptionally amazing performance with Sean Wiggins. Chandler was funny, cool, easy going and I knew from the time she had ust spent behind those drums on stage – a very gifted musician. I ran into her again at Back Lot Bash this June and I was blown away by the sounds she was creating with The Hybrids. Now she has an upcoming show on September 20th at Joie De Vine and I asked her to share some of her story with us……


LSTOP: Where did you grow up?

CHANDLER: I was born in Chicago and we moved to Park Ridge when I “graduated” kindergarten.

LSTOP: Who taught you about music?

CHANDLER: I’m self-taught, but I know I got my voice and musical inclinations from my mother. She used to sing in clubs back in Scotland when she was young and I can remember wanting her to sing all the time because her voice was so melodic and sweet. I was ridiculously hyper as a child (and still am!!), so my parents enrolled me in every possible “out of the house” activity they could find, soccer, karate, dance and music. Took a piano lesson, hated it. Took a guitar lesson, hated it. Sat down at a drum kit and it felt AMAZEBALLS, but because I was so hyper, I couldn’t stand the lessons. My cousin brought over an old drum kit, sat me down RIGHTY (I’m a lefty), played an album and basically said, “Play what you feel”, then left. I was 5. It was very strange because somehow I just knew how to play. I never learned to read or write music and our guitar player translates all that speak into “Chandlerese” so I know what’s going on. LOL

LSTOP: Can you tell me about any great musical or artistic influences you have had?

CHANDLER: Phil Collins was probably my greatest drumming influence BEFORE he went all Disney. I would rehearse to Genesis albums, song by song, until I got it, then I’d move on to the next album. Did the same when he went solo. Vocally/Musically, Bonnie Raitt (old school), Gary Clark, Jr, Susan Tedeschi, Bill Withers, The Allman Brothers, Grace Potter – all of them heavily influenced in our song choices. I also love super old blues and 70’s R&B/Funk. It’s pretty hard to narrow it down because I love to pla so many different types of music. My influences would take up a whole page. If it’s got a great groove, a driving beat and vocals that make you melt, consider me influenced.

LSTOP: Tell me where you are playing this month and what the night will be like:

CHANDLER: We are playing at Joie De Vine, 8p-10p on 09/20 – $5.00 cover goes to the band. There will be beer and drink specials, too. It’s our first time playing there and we’re always excited to play new venues. I think the intimacy of the bar will lend itself to creating an amazing atmosphere. We’re playing covers, but we don’t pick typical top 40 or popular songs. Our sole criteria for song selection is that it has to kick us in the gut. Then we “Hybridize” it to make it our own.

LSTOP: Sean Wiggins is coming to town and mentioned you will be playing with her – what is that like for you?

CHANDLER: It’s really one of the highlights of my year. I’ve been playing with Sean for 10 years now and I see no signs of us ever stopping! In all those years, we’ve only had one rehearsal for about 15 minutes. It’s rare that you can sit down and play full shows with people you never rehearse with and somehow it’s always magical. It’s also a blast because I get to play with my old bandmate from 1⁄2 Mad Poet, Sheela Reddy, who now plays bass for Girlband. After our Chicago show, we all trek up to The Dunes in Michigan to play for Women’s Weekend – let’s just say there are things I’ll be taking to mygrave. No charges were ever filed. LOL

LSTOP: Upcoming gigs – expectations for this year?

CHANDLER: Our last show of the year will be the anniversary of CAKE Chicago, hosted by, Ripley Caine. I’m taking time off to have surgery on my left arm, but will be back in action by the first of the year.

LSTOP: What’s at the top of your bucket list?

CHANDLER: Diving with sharks. I got certified to dive a few years ago and planned a great diving trip. Minutes before boarding the boat to Jamaica and live my dream, a damned hurricane with a name I can’t remember forced our dive to be canceled. My wife, Shauna, was thrilled that I wasn’t going to be eaten by a shark, but I was so disappointed, I literally couldn’t speak for hours.

LSTOP: Would you mind sharing your website and Facebook – whatever media links you would like to share.

CHANDLER: Sure – you can hear and watch full length versions of songs, an acoustic reel and an electric reel on our web site.


Our web-site is:




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