Sean Wiggins and the band lOne gOat

sean_wiggins_lone_goatOnce upon a time I heard Sean Wiggins rock the roof off of Parlour on Clark. I had never seen her or heard her play a live show before – and to say I was not disappointed was an understatement. With a full throttled voice and right at home stage presence – Sean makes the live music experience one to write home about.

Sean’s newest release, “Clothing Optional Fridays” brings her and lOne gOat back on the road and back to our town on September 26, 2014. I had the opportunity to get an advance listen to the tracks – and I found myself feeling pretty damn lucky. Cruising in the JEEP with the top down and the summer sun lingering – Sean’s original style and musical magic made for very good company – as I let it play over and over and over again.

In her live show – Sean not only covers everything from Janis Joplin and Adele to AC DC – but she integrates her unique style and sound through her original work. Her energy is palpable and contagious to the more often than not standing room only crowds. She is an entertainer – often compared to others – but make no mistake about it – Sean is her own woman. Powerful vocals and strong musicianship are what should put Sean and lOne gOat on your bucket list this year!

Joie de Vine – located at 1744 W Balmoral Ave in Chicago will be hosting Sean when she comes to town on September 26. The show runs from 8 – 10pm – and if the promise of being wildly entertained does not get you out of the house – come for the amazing drink specials!! If for some unacceptable reason you cannot make it to Joie de Vine – take a road trip on the 27th to the Dunes Resort in Douglas Michigan – where Sean and friends plan to party and play until the sun comes up!

You can learn more about Sean at
For information on The Dunes Resort visit
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