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OCCMainThere is a new kid in town.  She is big, beautiful and as bad ass as they come.  She rides on two wheels and is about to change the way Motorcycle Clubs in the state of Illinois look.  Organized Chaos Chicago, founded by Tamale Sepp and Tammy Sciortino, has hit the ground running.   I was lucky enough to catch up with these two incredibly busy women to chat about OC.

TLS: Tell me a little about Organized Chaos.  

Tammy: We are a group of professional women who recognize that the motorcycle community was established by men, for men. Instead of sitting around hoping things change, we as Organized Chaos intend on making changes. Riding is only one element of the club, philanthropy is another followed with a dash of good old fashion camaraderie. We are a non for profit club hosting and attending charity events to help raise money and awareness. Sometimes voices are not loud enough to get people to notice, but the roar of our motorcycle engines are.

Tamale: Organized Chaos is out to have a blast while contributing to the greater good!!  Our mission is to support philanthropic endeavors in all communities, while reaching out to empower a community of diverse women through rides, charity events, PRIDE events and education.  Our members are dedicated, fun loving gals who contribute from their various areas of expertise and strengthen our ability to fulfill our mission.  The talent and resources that come together in this organization are varied and numerous.  We organize them and create opportunities to help others – hence Organized Chaos.

Tammy: One charity we are helping with this summer is Ride for Aids Chicago- TPAN. Some of our members will be part of their “motocrew” along side the bicycle riders. As a club, we will be having our own fundraiser June 27th at Spynners to raise funds for TPAN.  (Check The L Stop Events page for detail).

Organized Chaos Members

Organized Chaos Members

TLS: What does riding mean to you?

Tammy: I began riding to spend some time with my older brother, Pete. We have done longer rides to Memphis and Key West. There is a calming that comes over me while riding, can’t explain it. If you ride, you understand.  My sister, Debbie, also rides and has joined me on many fun adventures.

Tamale: For me, riding is a number of things that are, at times, paradoxical in nature.  It’s an invitation for community and an opportunity for seclusion, an exciting adventure and a serene meditation, a mode of transportation and a pathway to transformation.  A few years ago, learning to drive a motorcycle made me feel powerful and courageous in the face of some heartbreaking challenges.  Now, it has become so much a part of my “normal” that I forget what it’s like not to ride.  (An occasional dead battery reminds me fairly quickly).  I think women often see how fun riding can be and shy away from trying it for whatever reason they have (too old, no money, no time).  I am committed to participating in Organized Chaos in a way that empowers others to learn to ride if they really want to.  I seek to create a safe, inviting community to ride with and to contribute to, and I want enthusiastic collaborators!!!

TLS: How can this organization serve others?

Tamale: We are a young club of incredible women, working as a team to fulfill our mission.  In our first few months, we have already explored numerous ways to reach out to various communities of riders, support the efforts of non-for profits, and have begun designing what we want to accomplish as a club in both the short and long term.  You can count on us to be a presence in our community and beyond this year, and to have the kind of contagious fun that will make EVERYONE want to come out and play!!

Tammy: Organized Chaos will be making noise in the community!

OCC members Kathy and Tamale

OC members Kathy and Tamale

TLS: Big plans for this riding season?

Tammy: I rode to Indianapolis and took some country back roads to Louisville and home again this past April with a GREAT group of gals. In July, my brother and his friends are headed to Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota; I hope to be riding with them.  Organized Chaos will coordinate rides through out the summer as well.

TLS: Where did the name for the Club come from?

Tamale: All our members have been drawn to this organization for similar reasons – a love of riding, a desire to connect with other women, and an urge to support those people and organizations our there contributing to the greater good.  Our membership consists of a lot of wonderful people who are up to BIG THINGS and have the desire to be in action.  It’s through Organized Chaos that this enthusiasm and drive come together, working in symphony to powerfully create support.  This is the beauty of our group!

TLS: Riding in PRIDE was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life – what will riding in the PRIDE Parade mean for Organized Chaos – and how will this year be different?

Tammy: Riding in the parade this year as Organized Chaos is going to amazing! Quite a few of our members have not ridden in the parade before. We have the permit to ride with 50 motorcycles. Our club is open for men and women to ride in the parade with us. Being a non for profit organization, we will be raffling off seats to ride with us and accepting donations for those that want to ride with us as space permits.


Tamale and Foxy Goat - Pride 2012

Tamale and Foxy Goat – Pride 2012

Tamale:  I love riding in PRIDE every year!  As a queer femme, I find it exhilarating to rock a giant motorcycle looking very fancy indeed.  It is delightful to represent the gals that prefer to sport a dress with fishnets and goggles over a do-rag and frosted tips.  Don’t get me wrong – I love my gals however they are (truly), it’s just that I appreciate those who suffer the sweaty sting of running eyeliner with a special fondness.  That stuff burns like the dickens and we smile and rev our engines like we don’t even notice.  We notice.  Ohhhhhh, we notice!!

Personally, this year will be different for me because my fellow fancy femme, Foxy Goat Lisa, recently passed away.  Not having her spinning a parasol behind me while dressed up in her matching gothic princess outfit will be rough.  She’s been such a part of that experience for me that it will be tough to feel her absence.  My back seat will go empty in honor of her this year.

TLS: You sent chills up my spine Tamale – that empty seat during the parade will be one hell of a tribute to Lisa.  Everyone’s eyeliner is doomed for sure!!!  

Tamale:  Speaking of the PRIDE parade, there is an important distinction to be made.  A few years ago, when women on motorcycles rode, they were a loosely assembled group of unaffiliated riders often referred to generally as “dykes on bikes.”  This year, Organized Chaos members are riding in the parade.  We are not members of any other group, and seek to be referred to as Organized Chaos.  In direct support of our mission, we will have spots to ride in this years PRIDE parade available to outside riders.  This will allow us to have other women motorcyclists and friends of women motorcyclists have the amazing experience of riding in the parade while actively supporting our mission.

TLS: Tell me about the diversity and the character of this group of women.

Tammy: I see our similarities stopping after the obvious -our love for riding and our gender. We ride 600cc-1800cc motorcycles; we have careers in business, the arts, civil service, manufacturing, medicine; we are gay, bisexual and straight; I am proud to say ALL our members have earned their place within our club. And I am honored to ride by each and every one of them.

TLS: What type of women should contact Organized Chaos if they are interested in learning more about the organization?

Tamale: Our organization is for women who want to participate in something larger than themselves.  We are truly a group comprised of a diverse group of riders who want to make a difference.  If someone is curious about riding, an avid rider, or just wants to join in on the fun as an Associate Member, they are welcome to attend an event and chat us up.  We are looking forward to a riding season full of community and fun, and we hope to see you there!!!  For more information about membership, contribution opportunities, and what we are creating, look for our logo and connect with a member – or go to our website.



OC Fundraiser Details

Organized Chaos Ride for AIDS Chicago Fundraiser
June 27th / 6:30pm-2am
4623 N. Western Ave
$15 Sug. donation which includes food and 1 raffle ticket.
Food – Drinks – Raffle – Silent Auction

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