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St. Baldrick’s with Team Sean Kelly at R Public House

amyseanphoto_fullTeam Sean Kelly and the Wave of Possibilities….

It is hard to believe that winter may actually be just a sweet memory and spring lays waiting for us to open the door and let her in. Since as far back as I can remember – the month of March always brought with it times of celebration and cheer among my friends. St. Paddy’s day – all that green goodness – getting the motorcycle out on the road again – and more recently – St. Baldrick’s fundraising with Team Sean Kelly and my comrade Amy Fucking Kelly are just a few of the reasons that the month of March matters so much to me.

The fourth annual Team Sean Kelly St. Baldrick’s event is being held on Sunday the 22nd of March from 12pm until 6pm in the streets of Chicago – under a tent at R Public located at 1508 W. Jarvis Ave. A good old fashioned family friendly party and celebration of life and possibilities and common goals of funding the research that needs to be done to eradicate childhood cancer from this world we share. This is one of the most anticipated fundraising events of the year – and you really should be a part of it.

Amy Kelly continues her mission to honor her brother Sean’s memory by throwing one hell of a party to recognize the urgency of finding a cure for kid-cancer. She is a woman determined to bring her army of friends and family together not only to raise money for an amazing organization – but to gather together and party, to bond and share stories, to listen to music and drink frosty good adult beverages in real old skool block party style!!

The fun is put back into fundraising when you get involved with Team Sean Kelly. Not only will you enjoy the kid friendly atmosphere (yo yo #face painting) but you will hear some outstanding music, bid in the live auction, share in the raffle prize extravaganza – and of course – witness the brave shave those heads for a cause far greater than any good hair day could ever compare with.

This is the fourth time I am writing a piece to help get the word out about this event. For 4 years I have been proud to donate my time and my heart to help Amy bring our community together. We come together in order to recognize the fight against childhood cancer continues and if we work together we will win the tiny battles that will someday allow us to fight no more – because the war will have been won. How cool would that be? To play a part in such an amazing possibility??

I asked Amy to tell me about her evolving relationship with St. Baldrick’s and how it has changed over the past 4 years. “Who hasn’t been affected by cancer? I know I have with my own family and friends. With St. Baldrick’s, I picked up where Sean left off. It started out as a way for me to honor Sean and keep his spirit of doing for others and giving back, present in my life, help me through my grief and loss, and this wave he set in motion has crested into this massive swell that more and more people are catching and want to ride. It’s the ripple affect and so indicative of the kind of person Sean was. Through my grief, Sean has inspired me to do more and be part of something bigger. This isn’t just any event. This is more like a big, Irish family party. It’s really a celebration of hope and life”.

Bringing a community together takes a lot of care and commitment – and Amy has aligned herself with some truly generous supporters and sponsors. “I wouldn’t be able to do this without the support from our sponsors, volunteers and shavees. R Public House is the host venue, and our other sponsors, Taste Food and Wine, Poitin Stil, Towbar, Organized Chaos Chicago, Lane Custom Framing, Ltd. and Lagunitas Brewery – our official beer and beverage sponsor this year”!

In addition to money being raised for St. Baldrick’s – there will be participants who will be donating their hair to Children with Hair loss. – This foundation’s mission is to empower children to become whole again by making hair replacement available to those who may be financially challenged and might otherwise not have a means of obtaining the hair they want and need. Just one more example of how a single wave of giving can touch different shores of need.

If you happen to have some free time on Sunday the 22nd of March – you really should make it a point to stop by and witness magic up close and personal. The feeling you get when you look outside of yourself and contribute to a thing that is so much bigger than just you. I asked Amy about how she anticipates feeling when the day is done – and the heads are shaved and everyone has gone home – what does she hope to have accomplished…..

Organized Chaos

R Public House

“Raising awareness about childhood cancer and inspiring people to be part of something bigger. WWSD – What Would Sean Do. He was about being part of something bigger than himself. If I can continue Sean’s legacy and help raise money for lifesaving research for treatments for childhood cancer, then I’d say that’s a hell of an accomplishment”.

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