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Jennifer Beals will be in town THIS SATURDAY!  Yes the actress who brought the sexy, strong Bette Porter to life will be at the annual Human Rights Campaign’s Gala Dinner and Silent Auction this Saturday, October 20th at the Fairmont Hotel!  HRC is proud to present Jennifer Beals with the Ally for Equality Award for her donations to the LGBTQ community and her continuous support for equality.  She spent years portraying half of the well-known power couple in the hottest lesbian TV series to date, The L Word.  This role gave her a view into the LGBTQ world and the discrimination that the LGBTQ community faces in their daily lives.  Jennifer has been quoted as saying:

“I’m always shocked that gay marriage is such a big deal. You have to realize how precious human life is, when there are tsunamis and mudslides, when there are armies and terrorists – at any moment, you could be gone, and potentially in the most brutal fashion. And then you have to realize that love is truly one of the most extraordinary things you can experience in your life. To begrudge someone else their love of another person because of gender seems to be absolutely absurd. It’s based in fear, fear of the other, fear of what is not like you. But when you are able to see lives on a day-to-day basis, rather than reducing it to politics, then it humanizes a whole community of people that were otherwise invisible.”

Not only is Jennifer an amazing actress, but she is also a triathlete and a talented photographer.  While working on The L Word she kept a photographic journal and took pictures of the cast at rehearsals and backstage, scripts, memos, and more!  She compiled it all into a book and donated a portion of the proceeds to The Matthew Shepard Foundation, as well as other charities.  Unfortunately the book is no longer available to purchase BUT prints can be ordered on her website.

Come see The L Stop’s own Kathy Guzman present this multi-talented woman the Ally for Equality award this Saturday, at the HRC Gala!  Support equality and enjoy a night of drinks, dinner, a silent and live auction, entertainment, and see the beautiful Jennifer Beals!

Event Details

2012 HRC Chicago Gala Dinner & Auction
Saturday, October 20, 2012
Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park
200 North Columbus Drive
General Reception + Gala Dinner: $225
VIP Reception + Gala Dinner $350
Click here for tickets

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