Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkin Carving Contest Ok lovelies – it’s that time of year and all around us we keep hearing of “pumpkin carving parties”. So let’s put money where your mouth is. Show us your pumpkins!

Prize: 1st Prize – $50 Gift Certificate to Parlour, 2nd Prize – $30 to Joie De Vine — Also, bragging rights and our Hall of Fame.

Rules: ANYONE can enter. We don’t care if you’re a unicorn, a fairy, or a hetero. You can enter more than one. No painted pumpkins, MUST be carved. Send us a nice, moderate-res pic. NO tiny or blurry images! Send all submissions to, submission deadline is October 29th, public voting on October 30th and 31st! Need some inspiration, see below! Let’s see those mad skillz, homos.

Mind=Blown Pumpkin

Do we expect this kind of quality from you? Absolutely.

Munch Pumpkin

This is more like it. But still takes a steady hand.

TMNT Pumpkin

Throwback pumpkin!

Skull Pumpkin

Simple, but super CREATIVE!

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