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The L Stop’s Fun Fall Favorites

We hope you all love fall as much as we do! If so you’re in luck! The staff here at The L Stop compiled a list of some of our favorite autumn things. Unfortunately, we aren’t Oprah so we can’t buy them for you all, but we will help you enjoy our favorite things by […]

Ten Best International Marriage Equality Ads

We scoured the internet for some of the most brilliant, touching, and powerful marriage equality ads. In a time when Illinois is on the cusp of having same-sex marriage legalized, it’s only natural we’re a little excited. Did we miss some good ones? Post them in the comments! Also, check out our newest edition to […]

Cutest Queer Couples of 2013

It’s a wonderful day today in Illinois! Not only is it Valentine’s Day, but the Illinois Senate just passed the Marriage Equality Bill. Click here to learn more about that. Now, what you’ve all been waiting for: Here are your Top 14 Couples of 2013! Thank you to all who participated and voted! Cutest Queer […]

Cutest Queer Couple Contest 2013 – Voting

Let the competition begin! It’s time to cast your vote for the couple that makes you say “awwwwwwwww!” It’s a rough one this year; with so many amazing couples, adorable stories, and truly inspiring love-a-thons it’s bound to be a close race. Read through our contestant’s stories, flip through their fabulous photos, get some tissues, […]

Meet the Qwere 2014 Erotica Calendar Audition Winner

Chicago, the race was tight but you voted and drum roll please. The L Stop and Q-were are super excited to welcome Kayla to the 2014 edition of Q-were! See the contest here. Meet Kayla… …A 24 year old classical violinist. You know what they say about violinist? Nope, we don’t either but we’re excited […]

Qwe’re Calendar Contest 2014

You can help pick one of the models for the Q-were Erotica Calendar for 2014! Which model intrigues you most? Vote for your favorite! About Q-were: Founder and photographer of Q-were, Patience Meeks, is a Chicago native and Columbia graduate. Through Q-were she hopes to create a dialogue with the community to promote sexual expression. […]

Pumpkin Contest Voting – Winner

Ok lovelies – you showed us your pumpkins, now it’s time to vote! May the best pumpkin win! 1st Place Winner — Rapinoe Zombie – Congrats Sara – $50 Certificate to Parlour on Clark. 2nd Place Winner — Flaming Pumpkin – Congrats Charmaine – $30 Certificate to Joie De Vine.      [nggallery id=4 template=caption] You […]

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Ok lovelies – it’s that time of year and all around us we keep hearing of “pumpkin carving parties”. So let’s put money where your mouth is. Show us your pumpkins! Prize: 1st Prize – $50 Gift Certificate to Parlour, 2nd Prize – $30 to Joie De Vine — Also, bragging rights and our Hall […]

The Top 5 Most Eligible Queer Bachelorettes

A couple months back we asked our readers to rack their brains and their black-books and nominate the queer woman that they saw as the crem de la crem of the single community. With such beautiful, talented and passionate women brought to our attention in mere hours- we knew that we were in for a […]

Singles: 10 Red Flags to look out for – Part 1

The leaves have begun to change and autumn is officially here. The season of sweat and fiery attraction has been replaced by the season of sultry glances and layered sweaters. As you look around you and reflect back to this summer, you may have a realization: “Holy shit! A lot of my friends are single now…I’m single now!” According to Facebook data, […]