Cutest Queer Couples of 2013

QueerCouple_Top14It’s a wonderful day today in Illinois! Not only is it Valentine’s Day, but the Illinois Senate just passed the Marriage Equality Bill. Click here to learn more about that.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for: Here are your Top 14 Couples of 2013! Thank you to all who participated and voted!

Cutest Queer Couple of 2013: Lauren and Bri


This was a long time coming. Exchanged sweets. Secret glances.Uncontrollable flirting. There was always chemistry between the two of us; we just didn’t know how much. Some roller derby, a torn hamstring, a lot of forgotten sports bras. There were challenges to vegetarianism, and many muffins. And there was never, ever enough dancing. Mostly, though: there is a lot of love.

And today, Internet, we just want to say how much we love all of you–we have never felt so cute, but more importantly, never so loved. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Runners Up: Amanda and Mary Grace


From the first time I saw Mary Grace I thought she was so beautiful. She had such a great smile and personality that I just couldn’t resist getting to know her more. I knew from our very first date that this was the woman for me. I was so happy the night I asked her to marry me and she said yes.

We were just married on August 11th, 2012 and have been together for about two and a half years. We really feel that we were meant for each other. We love that we can make each other laugh and we?re so lucky to have supportive friends and family that have been so fun and amazing throughout our relationship. We had a great time with this contest and really appreciate all the votes we got!

Maria and Fal


I met Fal about a year ago when she finally decided to approach me. After eight months of seeing me out and wanting to come talk to me she decided she couldn?t give up the opportunity. I couldn?t help but fall in love with her beautiful, big, and bright smile, awesome hair, and impeccable sense of style (the leather jacket did it for me).

She was also extremely charming, flirting with me shamelessly but subtly at the same time. I gave her my number so that she could contact me to buy tickets for my dance show. We have been dating now for almost a year and I have never been happier. From bachata dancing lessons in my bedroom (she gets shy), to restaurant style dinners prepared by my baby, or just lazy snuggle days in bed; every moment together is cherished. She is my sunshine and my soul mate. Our love for each other is quintessential. Happy Valentines Day Bubbie. I love you.

Gaby and Candice

gaby_candice_2 Seventeen years old and all I wanted was an extra girl to play co-ed softball. So I invited my best friend to play, she said yes and asked me if she can bring her cousin. Without any thought to the question I said yes and if it wasn’t for her cousin we would have never met because she forcefully brought Candice.

When we first met we automatically were flirting without even knowing each other’s orientation. After the game we didn’t get a chance to exchange numbers so she asked her cousin for it, called me and within a week we were love birds. Then after a month we were in love. As young teenagers it was difficult to come out to our family that we are gay so we kept it a secret for almost three years.

Going on almost five years now and our families are very supporting and accepting. We are deeply in love and very thankful for each other. Candice and I very positive people and Illinois will have legal gay marriage. She will be my wife one day and we will fulfill each other’s dreams because we are each other’s motivation.

Alexi and Lindsey

alexi_and_lindseyOnce in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, LOVE gives us a fairy tale. And, that’s exactly what happened for Alexi, a much-admired chef, and Lindsey, a talented musician who carries with her an inspiring spark of energy.

You might recognize these two from “Wake Up Call Tees” fall clothing line ads, or find them holding hands in the town of Boys. They are inseparable, both brilliant and beautiful, and the epitome of adorability in Chicago’s Lesbian and Queer community!

Brittany and Stephanie

britt_steph_2Brittany and I met at T’s in Feb of 2011. After an intense debate about sexuality, it was clear to us both that there was an instant connection between us.

Unfortunately, she had just gotten out of a relationship and I was still in one. Months later, we crossed one another’s path, went on our first date, and have, since then, enjoyed many more “firsts” together. September 11, 2012, Brittany surprised me with a proposal at a White Sox game.

I said YES, of course. In Oct of 2014, she and I will experience, yet another “first” and say our “I do’s”

Gwen and Maricely

maricely_and_gwenWe were that couple that EVERYONE said would never work out, practically everything was going against us. But not only are we making our way into 6 years together, which as Gwen says is like 72 in gay, but we are still just as mad about eachother as when we first locked eyes!

I support her in all she does and she showers me with more love than a girl can handle. That is our love story!

Nicole and Antonella

nicole_antonella_2Our story begins with Antonella meeting Nicole’s friend at a wedding she catered. Antonella was not going to attend the wedding but made the last minute decision to go. She sat at a table with her friend Eric and realized they were sitting at a table with an entire conversation the gentleman sitting next to Eric said he has a girl for me to meet, it was Nikki’s best friend!

I had quite a few drinks at that point and blurted out, is she thick and tan ( my typical woman ) and he replied with..” Yes… AND she’s 100% Italian! We exchanged numbers and one week later he texted asking me if it was okay if she got my number… After A LOT of texting and phone conversations, we met about two weeks later. I met Antonella for our first date and could not believe my eyes how gorgeous she was and how nervous I became!

The date was amazing and so is every minute I spend with her! I never knew I could smile this much until I met her!! I knew I could and I have fallen in love with her!
Nikki… Her smile, those dimples, that infectious laugh…. I never knew someone like her could ever exist!

Kristen and Mollie

kazaIt took a few years of friendship, a move to the west coast and back, and a stint of long distance skyping until Kristen and Mollie’s relationship finally got off the ground. They met at Midsomerfest six years ago, but the timing wasn’t quite right. A few years later, Mollie found out about a documentary Kristen was producing, “Fish out of Water,” when she happened upon it while googling “fish water populations” for a work research project. Immediately interested in supporting the film, Mollie joined the team as a production coordinator. After months of a growing friendship (and perhaps a little innocent flirting), Mollie left Chicago for Portland, Oregon, and Kristen still curious. Six months later, Kristen took a trip out to see family and visit Mollie, deciding to final “make the move” that would finally turn their friendship into romance.

Three months of skyping and long distance trips took place, and Mollie moved back to Chicago in June, 2011. Now, Kristen and Mollie are happily in love and living life up in Andersonville together. Kristen owns an event production company which she launched in 2012 after leaving her post at the Chicago Reader, and Mollie is a freelance production assistant and camera operator. Sometimes, their production worlds collide and they get to work on projects together, including the recently released PSA for the campaign One Billion Rising, a movement to end gender-based violence.

Their introvert/extrovert yin yang, love for outdoor adventure, mutual care for the wellbeing of others, and zest for having fun and living in the moment keep them feeling balanced and in love. When they aren’t working hard, Mollie is taking care of her plants or tinkering with her vintage scooter, bicycles and cameras, and Kristen is playing piano, whipping up kitchen concoctions or generally entertaining in some manner or another. The live to love, and love to live!

Ashley and her partner

ashley_and_partnerMy girlfriend and I met in March of 2008 at Sangria wild Thursday for my birthday! I thought she wasn’t real back in the MySpace days when I came across her page.

But she was when I saw that smile on the dance floor and knew I had to get her attention. I’m an Aries who always has an eye for a Gemini. She and I went back and forth for a few years and finally became one in July 15 of 2010. She is a cutie but don’t let that confuse you, she is my brat that I love to adore.

Hazel and Jessi

hazel_and_jessiI’m Hazel and my beautiful gf Jessi and we work as security in Chicago’s busy airport. I met her in training class, she was the teacher and when her hands patted me down to show me the proper way to pat down passengers it was mutual LOVE at first touch!

Lauren and Liz

lauren_liz_3We met 5 years ago at The Chicago Diner in Lakeview where Liz was working as a server. Lauren came in with friends after giving blood, and as she was still pretty woozy was convinced by her friends to leave her number and a note for Liz. Liz still has the original note and is thankful for Lauren’s poor decision making when her blood sugar is low.

We live in Logan Square where we both work. Lauren is a manager and stylist at a queer salon and Liz is a manager and bartender at the Chicago Diner Logan Square. We have two old-man cats, Frank and Spike, and a 3-year-old Basset-Pit mix, Hundo $tacks. We both enjoy cycling, soccer, and eating snacks on snacks on snacks.

Ali and Morgan

ali_morganWe met doing a play about a straight girl who falls for a queer woman. Art Imitated life. This picture was taken on one of our first dates, Valentine’s Day 2011.

Mel and Michelle

mel_michelleMichelle and I (Mel) have known each other for about 16 years, since going to grade school together. But never really crossed paths until our adult life, when I went to where she works, for dinner. Our lives continued to take us in different directions the last few years, but finally, last year she agreed to go out with me and we’ve been inseparable ever since. She makes me want to be a better person. She makes my heart smile.

And she understands me and loves me so unconditionally that I can’t express how lucky I feel to have her by my side. I don’t like to go a day without seeing her face and hearing her voice and kissing her lips. She puts a smile on my face, our friends and family adore us, and more importantly I adore her.

She’s my baby, and I love her with my whole heart for my whole life. There’s not another like her, and so I know there’s not another couple like us, and I’m not sure anyone could share the love we have for one another. I consider us two of the lucky ones to find each each other and know this kind of love.

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