20 Questions with Poppy Champlin


LS:1. Did you really date your gym teacher?

PC: I dated my high school junior varsity basketball coach yes- lived with her.

LS: 2. Are you single? Who are you dating?

PC: I am seeing a woman in Rhode Island. We are dating. Tammy.

LS: 3. How did you meet Tammy?

PC: That is kind of an anonymous question and I shouldn’t actually speak of it. But lets just say we go to meetings where we work on ourselves and try to better our minds. She is local, she lives in RI only about 6 miles from me. I really can’t do long distance relationships anymore – too much work and effort for not enough return.

LS: 4. Was it your first time sharing the stage with Lily Tomlin and Jane Lynch at the Women in Comedy Festival? What were some memorable moments?
Jane Lynch, Lily Tomlin, and Poppy Champlin for WICF

Jane Lynch, Lily Tomlin, and Poppy Champlin for WICF

PC: Well – Jane lynch and I go back a long way – I knew her in Chicago we used to run in some of the same circles and I actually hit on her once. I was flatly refused. Oh well.

And as far as sharing the stage I didn’t do that with Jane and Lily in The Boston Comedy Festival – I merely was a headliner one night and they were the headliner the other nights. I did meet Lily in LA at the Comedy Store I did a benefit that she was a part of and she was a very welcoming and open lady.

LS: 5. What celebrity do you have a crush on?

PC: Diana Nyad

LS: 6. Who influenced your comedy career? Favorite comics?

PC: Lucille BallJoan RiversPaula Poundstone

LS: 7. You started doing comedy in the 90’s how is it different now?

PC: I am doing mostly gay venues and audiences so it is more comfortable for me. Not living in a male dominated situation.

LS: 8. What are your thoughts on queer comedy and where it’s headed?

PC: I like queer comedy – I think it is thriving – and the audience is growing and soon the straights will infiltrate that as well.

LS: 9. Do you think Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 Presidency? Why or why not?

PC: Yes I do – because she is the most qualified candidate and people want to see firsts.

LS: 10. Who’s a fresh new comic you have your eye on?

PC: Julee Antonellis – and Jenn Snyder and Emma Willamon

LS: 11. What’s your favorite skit or piece of comedy that leaves you crying in laughter?

PC: Lois Bromfields Sorority from Hell.

LS: 12. What comic would you like to see “roasted”?

PC: Karen Williams

LS: 13. What is your most recommended “must-see” film?

PC: Cant remember but there is one.

LS: 14. What TV Show are you addicted to right now?

PC: None.

LS: 15. What is your favorite quote?

PC: To thine own self be true.

LS: 16. Do you find labels useful or should we get rid of them? (i.e. queer, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, etc.)

PC: Queer works

LS: 17. As a queer comic you’ve been to a lot of girl parties. What is the best girl party you’ve attended?

PC: Dinah Shore back in the day. White Party –with Xena Warrior Princess

LS: 18. What is your favorite city to perform in and why?

PC: Usually the last one I was in so right now it is P-town. Love the ladies. But next week it will be Chicago.

LS: 19. Who would you rather: deserted island, one night stand, gay marry? Wanda Sykes, Kate McKinnon, Lea PC: DeLaria.

Deserted Island with Wanda Sykes

LS:20. What’s your favorite one-liner joke?

PC: My friend eats like a bird she acts like a bird to- every restaurant we go to she slams into the windows.

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