The L Stop’s Queer Tattoo Contest

TattooContestEvery tattoo tells a story, whether it memorializes a loved one, conveys a reclamation of one’s body after a life-changing event, or is a testament to that drunk night that ended in a permanent image of an alien holding a taser gun on your right bicep. Either way, we want to celebrate and showcase your skin art through The L Stop’s Queer Tattoo Contest. Show us your neo-tribal band, your rainbow-colored cover up of an ex’s name, your zombie Bettie Page pin-up, your deep love for Tegan and Sara forever etched on your dermis…we want to see them all!

To enter (and you can only nominate yourself), send a photo of your tattoo to Once we’ve amassed all of the loveliness, send your friends here to cast their votes for your tattoo: one vote per day, per computer. The tattoo with the most votes will get a cool prize and be crowned Supreme Master of the Painted People (really, just the first part).

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, April 17, 2013!




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Angelique worked in advertising for six years, but quit once they stole her soul. She has been the Marketing & PR Director for Reeling, Chicago’s LGBT International Film Festival, for the last three years. She can currently be seen going out too much and ignoring the stack of books on her floor that she really wants to find the time to read.


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