Top Ten Chicago Lesbians To Look Out For in 2013

Top10_2013Ah, 2012. What a year you’ve been. Heartbreaks and heartthrobs, political smear campaigns and victories, lessons and learning. So much growth! So as you doodle your resolutions, let’s continue with a new tradition we proudly started at the close of 2011. Let’s look ahead into 2013 and highlight some of the movers and shakers of our community to keep an eye out for. Do you know of a woman who is about to change, well, everything? A future Grammy winner, an avant garde artist, a political powerhouse just coming into her own? We want to hear from you, our fans and family, to find out the next Ten Lesbians to Look Out For! The compilation from last year was impressive, indeed, and many of them have become household names.

Scroll through your news pages, peruse your phone book, ask your inspirational wine buddies, and help us find the cream of the Chicago crop. Before you go nuts and nominate your lovely girlfriend, or your super fun best friend, keep a few tips in mind: We’re looking for people who are out, pounding pavement and making “noise on the scene.” While we don’t doubt your sister’s homemade soup is life-altering, we’re aiming higher. We’re looking for the ten that may change the very landscape of our community…advocates, visionaries, dream makers. Got someone in mind? Amazing! Here’s what you should do:

• Email us at:

• In 500 words or less, rave about the awesomeness of the person you are nominating and let us know why they are someone we should be keeping in eye on in 2013.

• Let us know the best way for us to get in touch with you

• Tell your friends that they can submit nominations too

Deadline for nominations is January 31st.

For a look back at last year’s list, click here.

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About Leah Schein

Leah is a born and bred Chicagoan, and considers herself extremely fortunate to be raised by amazing liberal parents in Logan Square. Coming from a long family history of equality activism, the crazy world of politics feels like home to her. Her upbringing allowed her to fully appreciate her love of tacos, and provided the support needed to be independent and insane. She is a happy survivor of the public school system, all the way through her undergrad years, culminating with a BA in anthropology. Her love of travel and all things adventurous led to the pursuit of a Master of Science from sunny ol’ England, where she happily grasped a conservation degree and ran off to live in a number of rain forests to research nocturnal primates. Through the amazing diversity she was fortunate to be raised amongst, she has an unwavering appreciation of all cultures and peoples, and has used this to form the foundation of her outspoken support of civil rights. You may have seen her running around Boystown/Tuna town over the last decade, or at events she volunteers at for the Human Rights Campaign. It’s possible you spied her at the Silent Film Festival. That strange woman getting into a wrestling match in the leaves on Foster Ave beach at 3am…that definitely wasn’t her. She couldn’t be more excited about sharing her love of science, and it’s role in our daily lives, with the community she loves. Nerds are cool, people. They drink martini’s too.



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