The Real L Word, Season 3: Amanda and Lauren Interview

Two normal every day gals who are entrepreneurs working for themselves who happen to be Lesbians. Oh, and also they’re thrust into the lens of the camera playing out intense real-life lesbian drama from week to week. In chatting with Amanda Leigh Dunn and Lauren Russell from the Real L Word Season 3, that’s the dichotomy I seem to pick up from them. Perhaps that’s why we love The Real L Word – the accessibility in that, beneath all the crazy, these are real people living their real lives. Its all just been spiced up a bit with quick jumps and fancy camera edits.

I had the opportunity to interview Amanda and Lauren right in between the airing of episode 3 and 4. You know, the one where there’s a soggy mattress, drunk kiss, and discussion of a NYC ex? Yeah, that one. Be sure to watch the video to catch what they said about their “relationship” and hear their insight and innuendo on what’s to come this season!

The Real L Word airs on Showtime, Thursdays 10:00p ET/PT

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