Missed On Our Gaydar – Pride parade gets a new route, JD Samson is worried about her financial future

Missed On Our GaydarOn The L Stop

We’d like to thank all our fans and friends once again for supporting on Saturday, as well as Minibar for hosting. Emily and her chosen date, Jennie, will be having dinner and a movie, on us. Shannon Ennis asks our contestants “Which ‘L Word’ character represents you best?” Our contestant says “Carmen”. Is this why she won? If you have more pics or videos from that night, send them our way. Email them to us at

Also, we have a new contributor to the Missed On Our Gaydar series. Chris Badowski has been consistently emailing links to The L Stop team, and we want to acknowledge and thank her for that. Thank you Chris!

In Our Own Backyard

Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade gets a new route for 2012. Lauren on The L Stop says the city can’t rain on her parade. What do you think? Yay or nay?

We’re sad to report that Gay Chicago Magazine has folded.

State Rep. Kelly Cassidy accepted contribution from formerly indicted legislator with mob connections.

Making Progress

New York welcomes its first openly transgender fire fighter.

Transgender inmates can now receive hormones, mental health counseling, and possibly sex change surgeries while in prison.

Along the same lines, transgender Australians can now have their gender legally recognized without having sex reassignment surgery.

Despite the weak economy, we still have strong pink purchasing power.

Action Needed

Rachel Maddow admits she’s ambivalent about gay marriage and has a soft spot for George Clooney. Bilerico posted an interesting response— Are we destroying gay subculture? What do you think?

ACLU gets involved when a principal physically attacked a student for advocating GSA in Tennessee.

In Other News

Heard about “Occupy Wall Street” but have no idea what it’s about? Here’s a great guide!

On the same note, JD Samson admits that she’s worried about her financial future too.

Is it anyone’s surprise that the LGBT community have a harder time on the job market?

Woman discovers “boyfriend” was actually a lesbian sex offender… and a not-so-friendly version from Gawker.

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