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80′s Dance Party Plus Support of a Vital Organization

The L Stop will be having a Ladies’ 80’s Dance Party at Parlour on Clark this Friday, October 19th.  This will be more than just a dance party – it will be an opportunity for us to help support a vital organization which hits us all very close to home. LGBT youth make up a […]

Post-PRIDE Euphoria

Chicago did it again: An estimated 850,000 people attended this year’s Pride Parade. We broke last year’s attendance record. The world is changing right before our eyes, and we’re loving it! Just imagine… Love and acceptance from 850,000 spectators, family, and friends! Wow. It was my first time marching in a parade. I never thought […]

Queer, Privileged and Invisible

I have a confession to make: I am dating a straight guy. For the past 8 years, my two significant relationships have been with 1) a biological woman who identifies as male and 2) a cisgender woman. Now, all of a sudden I’ve stepped into a world more privileged than that which I have previously […]

Queer in Asian/Pacific Islander Chicago

Though Asians and Pacific Islanders (API) make up the global majority, we (API Americans) make up roughly 5% of the entire US population, according to data from the 2010 Census. As such, the diversity of our community has been largely disregarded by mass media. I am a queer Chinese-Vietnamese-American woman. Growing up, I had very […]

How My Identity Evolved As A Result of My Girlfriends Gender Identity

Before I tell you my story, I’d like to first thank all you wonderful readers for your comments on my “It Gets Better” piece. It was truly the single most difficult thing I’ve ever done online—aside from purchasing large-ticket items from possible scammers and clicking on iffy links that may put me at risk of […]

It Gets Better

When Jamey Rodemeyer committed suicide, we were all hit pretty hard. This was a kid who had made an “It Gets Better” video, yet even he lost hope in living. Back in August, Jonah Mowry also made a video. In his video, he made a pledge that he will not commit suicide because he has […]

Missed On Our Gaydar – TLS welcomes a new team member, Lady Gaga to launch Born This Way Foundation

On The L Stop We’d like to welcome Meg O’Rourke to the L Stop team! She is a hilarious stand-up comedian, a teacher, and she does a lot of fundraising to help with her goal of adding curriculum inclusion of LGBTQA programs in local schools. We are very excited to have her. Did you read […]

Asexual at The Chicago Filmmakers This Sunday

I was fortunate to have met David Jay, the founder of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) several years ago. Since then, we’ve had several delightful conversations around asexuality, or the lack of sexual interest or desire. And yes, that’s him in the photo. What is asexuality? A lot of people tell me that […]

Missed On Our Gaydar: LGBT history month ends, Lesbians elected homecoming royalty

End of LGBT History Month November 1st signaled the end of LGBT History Month. To celebrate, Queerty gives us a list of 6 LGBT seniors we ought to know. Vernita Gray, one of our own in Chicago, is listed. California assembly member Cathleen Galgiani comes out From Our Own Backyard Howard Brown Health Center is […]

TGIFriday Giveaway: Two Tickets to The Indigo Girls

The one and only absolutely MUST for any chick who truly wants her lesbo card to be 100% unrevokable is to get her ass to at least one Indigo Concert in her lifetime. Amy Ray and Emily Saliers met in elementary school in the early 70’s and started performing around the Atlanta area in the […]