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We’d like to welcome Meg O’Rourke to the L Stop team! She is a hilarious stand-up comedian, a teacher, and she does a lot of fundraising to help with her goal of adding curriculum inclusion of LGBTQA programs in local schools. We are very excited to have her. Did you read her first article on A Reeling Film Fest Gem? Check it out!

Making Progress

UK gay blood ban has been lifted

Transsexual woman and openly gay man take seats in new parliament in historic change in Poland.

New data shows that parents can love their LGBT kids.

Lady Gaga to launch Born This Way Foundation to empower youth and fight bullying.

Did you watch Glee this week? Ryan Murphy’s show featured the Kurt and Blaine’s “first-time”.

Fifty-three of the 72 Victory Fund-endorsed candidates won their races.

Equal benefits ordinance enacted in Broward County, FL

Campaign to win gay marriage in Maine secured signatures well over the number required by law to qualify for a ballot initiative in 2012.

Major corporations have decided that it’s time to do away with DOMA.

Rob Reiner to direct film on Prop 8.

Ugandan man sentenced to 30 years for killing gay rights activist, David Kato

Ugandan gay rights activist Frank Mugisha was honored on Capitol Hill.

Brave: Raleigh Baptist church to vote on ending all marriages until state allows same-sex couples to wed.

Action Needed

Until there is marriage equality in Florida (and other states), same-sex couples may find that they need to jump through hoops to get the names on their important documents, such as driver’s licenses, changed.

Same-sex couples are leaving Rhode Island to get married in other states.

Medical schools teach very little about LGBT health issues.

A lesbian couple is fighting for the right to list both of their names on their baby’s birth certificate

A new Michigan “anti-bullying” law offers anti-gay people a loophole surrounding religious and moral convictions.


Toronto Zoo will be separating a gay penguin couple so that they can “fulfill their biological destiny”– to create more penguins.

Oregon has abandoned their marriage equality initiative for 2012 until they are ready to win.

Something To Think About

Great essay on the importance of flagging

I’m looking forward to reading God vs. Gay: The Religious Case for Equality. What about you?

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